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How To Be Stealthy And Avoid Getting Caught In Hogwarts Legacy

Check out how to be sneaky and avoid getting caught in Hogwarts Legacy.

If you’re wondering how to be stealthy and avoid getting caught in Hogwarts Legacy then you’re at the right place. In missions like breaking into the Restricted Section of the library, you’ll have to be sneaky around the professors and the prefects. Whereas it’ll also help you during numerous raids to quietly subdue the enemy rather than starting a full-blown fight. So to help you, this guide is all about entering restricted sections and forbidden zones unnoticed.

How To Avoid Getting Caught In Hogwarts Legacy (Stealth Guide)

There are several mechanics in the game that’ll allow you to be sneaky. Here are the best spells, potions, and tricks to avoid getting caught in Hogwarts Legacy:

  • Use the Disillusionment Charm
  • Drink the Invisibility Potion
  • Use Talent Points to Buy Stealth Talents
  • Cause Distractions
  • Use the Enemy Indicators

Use the Disillusionment Charm

Use Disillusionment Charm to avoid getting caught

Disillusionment charm is the best spell to avoid getting caught and be stealthy in Hogwarts Legacy. It’ll turn you invisible and makes you almost undetectable. You’ll unlock this spell during the “Secrets of the Restricted Section” main quest. Once unlocked, you can use this spell to sneak into enemy camps and freeze the enemies with the Petrificus Totalus spell.

Drink the Invisibility Potion

Apart from the charm, you can also use the Invisibility Potion to hide from the enemies and sneak around. Buy it at J. Pippin’s Potions for 800 Gold Coins or brew it using the following ingredients:

  • 1x Leaping Toadstool Caps
  • 1x Knotgrass Sprig
  • 1x Troll Bogeys

Use Talent Points to buy Stealth Talents

Since Hogwarts Legacy is an RPG, you can improve your characters with Talents to avoid getting caught. The Stealth Talents allow you to improve your character’s abilities to go unnoticed. You can purchase them using Talent Points. Here are the Stealth Talents that’ll help you go avoid enemies:

  • Sense of Secrecy 1 (Level 5): Reduces the enemy’s ability to detect you.
  • Human Demiguise (Level 5): Allows you to Sprint while using the Disillusionment Charm.
  • Sense of Secrecy 2 (Level 16): Further reduces the enemy’s ability to detect you.

Cause Distractions

If your way is blocked, you can interact with certain objects to make them fall to lure away the enemies. Look out for highlighted objects and press the prompted buttons to use them. Moreover, you can also use tools like the Chomping Cabbages to distract the enemies and avoid getting caught.

Use Enemy Indicators to Avoid Getting Caught

Use Enemy Indicators to be stealthy

The minimap will be of great use while being stealthy and clearing out camps. If you see a question mark on the head of the enemy, then they’re about to investigate. When the question mark is in a yellow diamond, that means the enemy has detected suspicious behavior. And if it turns to a red exclamation mark, then it means that they’ve detected you. Make use of these indicators to make your next move.

That’s everything from us on how to avoid getting caught in Hogwarts Legacy by being sneaky. For more such helpful guides, make sure you visit our Wiki guide right away.