Street Fighter 6 Will Release on PS5, Xbox Series, PS4, Xbox One, & PC, According To a Leak

By now the community is getting used to the presence of leaks that reveal the scheduled releases with great precision. Today, what is the latest leak about? At the center of the matter is a video game that has marked the history of the fighting game genre and it seems that the new chapter will be available soon: Street Fighter 6.

The leak appeared on Twitter on a well-known profile that deals with this kind of revelations. Among the Capcom titles that have been leaked in the last few days, this too appears, along with the platforms on which it will be available.

According to what is written, Street Fighter 6 will be released for PC, PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X. At the moment, however, a release date has not been indicated, but it can be there. For many, the news of its publication was enough to be happy.

The Nintendo Switch could also be added to the indicated platforms. A few months ago rumors said that Street Fighter 6 would also release on Nintendo Switch. We have to wait for official communications to have a clear vision on the agenda of the Japanese developer. Certainly we are facing a long-awaited video game loved by the public.

The previous chapter dates back to 2016 and given how much is required, it is normal to expect an announcement in this new phase of video games. Street Fighter 6 would land on next-generation consoles, opening the door to a new era for this genre of video games.

As always, in these situations it is necessary to wait for official communications. so take this news with a big grain of salt for the time being.