Guide on How To Farm In Stranded Deep (Construct And Farm)

Farming is essential to produce fruits and consume them for survival. Here’s how you can easily construct a plot and farm in Stranded Deep.

Farming is one of the most efficient ways to produce food for survival in Stranded Deep. Hence, it is evident that you might want to learn how to construct and farm plot and harvest food for your survival. In this guide, we will walk you through how to construct a farm plat and farm in Stranded Deep.

Stranded Deep: How to Construct Farm Plot

To construct a farm plot in Stranded Deep, you will first have to craft a Crude Hoe. Crude Hoe is necessary for building a farm plot. Here are the materials required to create a Crude Hoe in Stranded Deep.

Stranded Deep Farming Tips

  • Lashing x 1
  • Stone Tool x 1
  • Wood Stick x 2

Once you have the Crude Hoe, equip it, and use the following materials to construct a farm plot. You have three different options to create a farm. Here are all the available options, you can pick any one of them.

  • Corrugated Scrap x 2
  • Plank Scrap x 2
  • Wood Stick x 4 and Lashing x 1

You can place the farm plots on sand or dirt. They won’t overlap with your other structures or palm trees. Hence, find a clear space for plotting your farm. However, they can overlap with rocks and vegetation.

Stranded Deep: How to Farm

Once the plot is created, you need to plant, water, and harvest to farm. You can take any fruits or plants, including Pipi, Ajuga, Kura, Potatoes, Aloe Vera, Quwawa, or Yucca. With fruit or plant in hand, hold E while mousing over the plot to plant a sapling. This sapling will mature and give a single fruit over 48 in-game hours. You can then collect the fruit and wait for another cycle to get the next one.

Stranded Deep Farming Walkthrough

Watering is a bit complicated in Stranded Deep. Each farm plot comes with a single “Water Charge,” which will increase depending on the fruit you plant. The plant will consume water to mature. Hence, you will have to keep a check on the Water Charge. If the Water Charge becomes zero, the plant will die after some time. You can use a Clay Water Bottle, Coconut Flask, or Water Skin to increase the Water Charge.

Once the plant is mature, you can harvest the food. If the plant dies without water, you will usually get the fruit that you invested back.

That’s everything you need to know about how to construct a plot and farm in Stranded Deep. Apart from producing fruits, you can also catch and cook fish to get food. There are various other items and materials required to survive in Stranded Deep. You can refer to our guides on how to use Water Still, craft and use Speargun, and get clay in Stranded Deep.