How To Use Water Still In Stranded Deep

For a drinking water supply, you need a Water Still in Stranded Deep. Here's how to use one.

Water is essential for your survival and you need to know how to get continuous access to drinkable water. Since you have to manage your hunger and thirst, knowing how to use a Water Still in Stranded Deep will help you avoid dehydration. In this guide, we will explain how to craft and use a Water Still so that you can get water from it easily.

Stranded Deep: How to Use a Water Still & Make Water?


You can construct a Water Still in Stranded Deep with the help of these materials:

  • 3 Rocks
  • 1 Cloth
  • 1 Lashing
  • 1 Palm Frond
  • 1 Coconut Flask

Here’s how to make a Coconut Flask. For a Palm Frond, you need to cut a Palm bunch that you will get at the top of a Palm Tree. If you want 1 Lashing, you need to hit a Yucca tree or a palm sapling which will give you some Fibrous Leaves. You need 4 Fibrous Leaves for 1 Lashing. You can find cloth pieces or craft cloth with a Loom. Finally, you will find rocks laying around on the islands.

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After you have built the Water Still in Stranded Deep, you need to keep Palm Fronds or Fibrous Leaves under it. This is how you can get access to drinking water that gets generated through this helpful device. It will also collect water when it rains.

Whenever you want to head out to explore or do something else, you can take the water in your Flask so that you don’t go thirsty.

That’s all about how to use a Water Still in Stranded Deep. For more such guides, don’t forget to check out our survival tips and tricks right here. For example, this is how to get Clay, Speargun, make fuel and more.