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Where Is The Sticky Key In Grounded (Location Guide)

Grounded Sticky Key is stuck. Don't know where? Read this location guide to find it.

Wondering how to get the Grounded Sticky Key and unlock the new Secret Chest. When you shrink to the size of an ant, the world becomes more mysterious and vast. You have to survive in this beautiful and dangerous place while exploring, building, and uncovering the truth of how you ended up like this. This Secret Chest holds an item that will help you survive the dangers. It has a Water Logged Recipe, which gives a Bomb Arrow.

Where to Find and Use Sticky Key in Grounded

Sticky Key Location Grounded

You will find Sticky Key inside a chewed gum stuck on a wall in the northeastern part of the Yard. The key can be taken out from the gum by destroying it with a level 2 shovel. So once you have a level 2 shovel, go to the northeastern part of the Yard and look for the ladder. Now use these steps to climb and get near the chewed gum.

How to Get Sticky Key in Grounded

  • First, climb up on the lawn mower that is near the ladder.
  • Now you have to use the handlebars to make your way to the ladder.
  • Walk towards the east till you see vines. Jump on those vines and carefully climb your way up to the wall. Once you reach the end of the vines, you will see the chewed gum.
  • Now there is an alternate method for vine climbing. You can simply build and place a long ramp on the wall to get to the top.
  • Lastly, destroy the gum and get the Grounded Sticky key.

How to Open Secret Chest for Bomb Arrow in Grounded

Sticky Key Grounded

Jump inside the tire we have shown above. Now swim to the middle to find the Secret Chest. Use the Sticky Key to open it. Inside the box, you will have two Milk Molars and a Water Logged Recipe that gives an idea of a Bomb Arrow.

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