Grounded: How To Find Mossy Key To Open Sunken Treasure Chest

Here's how you can find the Mossy Key For opening the Sunken Treasure Chest in Grounded.

Along with all the adventures and crafting there is also some Hidden Treasure you can find in Grounded. Players will come across various quests and materials that’ll be required for their progress in the game. The Sunken Treasure Chest is one of them, however, in order to open it, you’ll need the Mossy Key. If you’re unable to locate it, then we’re here for your help. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the process to find the Mossy Key to open the Sunken Treasure Chest in Grounded.

Location to Find Mossy Key in Grounded?

How To Find Mossy key For Sunken Treasure Chest

Here’s what you’ll need to do to find the Mossy Key to open the Sunken Treasure Chest in Grounded. For those who are unaware, in this chest players will find the Sunken Outpost BURG.L Chip, which can get you various upgrades. Before you dive into the steps, don’t forget to equip Spear or Bone Dagger and a Slime Lantern. That’s because it’s going to be pretty dark in there. Also, equip the Bubble Helmet and Fin Flops to swim along with the Merteen Mutation for better oxygen efficiency.

  • First, head to the underwater Pond Lab located in the Koi Pond.
  • After that, the player will need to go into the Pond Depths.
  • As soon as you get underwater you’ll see various huge lamps and some Water Tubes.
  • Then, simply go near the Water Tubes, which are located on the opposite side of the underwater lab opening.
  • After that, go near the Algae covered area and you’ll see the opening to a cave tunnel.
  • Next, head into the tunnel and kill all the Spiders you’ll meet on your way.
  • You will need to keep swimming until your reach the end of the cave.
  • And at the end of the cave you’ll see lots of wires and tubes, but go near the tube releasing bubbles.
  • And there you’ll find the Mossy Key you are looking for.
  • After you’ve grabbed the key we recommend you catch your breath by heading to the opening of the underwater lab. Or else you might run out of oxygen (O2) and drown.
  • After doing that simply look for the sunken T- Rex. That is located on the opposite side of the area where you found the Mossy key.
  • And near the sunken T-Rex, you’ll find a big Sunken Treasure Chest.
  • Then, go ahead and open the chest by using the Mossy Key.
  • And you’ll find the Sunken Outpost BURG.L Chip you were looking for.
  • After that, take the chip and give it to the BURG.L located in the Oak Lab.
  • And then, you’ll get the upgrades mentioned below.
    • Splatburst Recipe
    • Fin Flops Upgrade
    • Diving Lantern Upgrade

This is how you can find the Mossy Key to open the Sunken Treasure in Grounded easily. While you’re take a look at how to get into the Hedge Lab in the game.