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Which Universe To Choose In Entangled Quest In Starfield

In the Entangled quest in Starfield, you must choose between saving the universe or saving Rafael's world. But which is better?

The Entangled quest in Starfield puts you in a strange and frightening situation. After picking up a mysterious distress signal on Hyetta 3, you discover that it’s coming from an alternate universe version of the destroyed lab. But something has gone wrong in this alternate reality.

When you arrive, you find the lab destroyed and overrun by strange crawling creatures. It’s a nightmare scenario of twisted science and alien hostility. As you explore the ruined facility, you piece together what happened and why the distress signal was calling out. We will help you save the universe in Entangled quest in Starfield.

What Should You Choose to Save in Entangled Quest in Starfield?

Which Universe To Choose In Entangled Quest In Starfield

When you arrive at the destroyed Nishina base in the alternate universe, you are presented with a tough choice – save either Rafael or Director Patel’s universe by collapsing the other.

Disengage the Power Interlocks in the Station (Saving the Universe)

Choosing to save the universe and the personnel at the research facility rewards the player with a significant amount of credits and a powerful legendary space suit. This option maximizes in-game rewards and ensures the doctor’s and others’ survival.

However, it requires allowing the destruction of Rafael’s homeworld and sacrificing his life. While honoring his memory, this prioritizes resources and progression over forming new relationships.

Here are the rewards if you choose this option:

  • Legendary Experimental Spacesuit
  • Legendary Experimental Helmet
  • 17,800 credits

Disengage the Power Interlocks in the Ruins (Saving Rafael)

Opting to save Rafael’s world rewards you with crafting materials and fewer credits. This choice potentially allows Rafael to join the player’s crew, offering a new alliance. However, it dooms the facility and its inhabitants.

You must also combat escaping the destroyed planet alone without the support of the personnel. Though riskier, this selection favors forming new bonds over accumulating resources at the cost of other lives.

Here are the rewards if you choose this option:

  • Legendary Gear
  • Some ingredients and materials like Relay, Vytinium, Tasine
  • 13,800 credits

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