How To Get Glory In Star Wars Squadrons Easily | Best And Quickest Ways

Easily earn a huge amount of Glory in Star Wars Squadrons.

Everyone loves to control some aspect of a game, and most of the games allow this through customization either of character or any other crucial element. Star Wars Squadrons enables you to customize your pilot and the ship. Hence, you can give your nice finishing touch to everything around you. But you will need to get glory in Star Wars Squadrons for doing so.

The game does not allow you to simply purchase Glory and get away with it. Instead, it motivates you to play the game and collect hard-earned Glory. In this guide, we enlist three primary and best ways to easily get glory in Star Wars Squadrons.

how to earn glory in Star Wars Squadrons

Star Wars Squadrons: How to Earn Glory

As mentioned earlier, there is no scope of microtransactions in the game. Hence, you will have to obtain Glory through in-game methods. You can get Glory in Star Wars Squadrons by…

… completing daily challenges

You will obviously be familiar with daily challenges. There are a total of three daily challenges available in Star Wars Squadrons that keeps on refreshing every day. Completing each challenge gives 100 Glory. The challenges can vastly range from winning fleet battles to destroying a specific number of enemy ships to completing dogfight matches.

… increasing fleet battle rank

Your fleet battle rank is equivalent to the character rank in other games. It functions similarly to the battle pass system, where you will be given a specific operation to complete. Completing that operation will increase your fleet battle rank and thereby get you Glory in Star Wars Squadrons. Similar to the battle pass system, one operations season lasts for 8 weeks in the game. After the completion of 8 weeks, the season and your fleet battle rank, both will reset.

… leveling up

Leveling up in Star Wars Squadrons will not only get you glory, but also the other in-game currency, which is Requisition. Simply keep on leveling up and get a decent amount of Glory.

Those are the three best and easiest ways to get Glory in Star Wars Squadrons. Similar to other games, even Star Wars Squadrons are experiencing several bugs during the initial release period. Make sure to check our HOTAS deadzone issue fix and fleet battle tutorial glitch guides to ensure that the bugs don’t halt you from enjoying the game. Similarly, you can read our guides on how to aim at your target and how to destroy Star Destroyer to get a quick grasp on how to fight in the game. In fact, destroying a Star Destroyer is a mission in Star Wars Squadrons that you surely want to complete to get some great rewards.