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Evil Dead Game – What Are Spirit Points? (Answered)

Check out our guide that explains what are the Spirit points in Evil Dead The Game.

Evil Dead The Game is a horror-survival and multiplayer based on the classic old franchise by Sam Raimi. Players have a chance to not only play the iconic characters but also the Kandarian demon. As you progress through the game, you would need skill points to apply upgrades on several attributes. You get a skill point for each time a character levels up. While there are different ways to increase your character’s level, spirit points are the easiest ones. But as there’s no explanation or tutorial to explain this gameplay element, players are quite confused. So, here’s our guide on what are spirit points in Evil Dead The Game.

What are Spirit Points in Evil Dead The Game


Spirit points are the bonus XP that you receive after a match. It can be used to level up the selected characters. These bonus XP points can be used to upgrade their skills too. Once you spend these spirit points, the level of the selected characters increases. As these characters level up, you receive a skill point for each time. Then, you can use the skill points to upgrade your character’s different attributes and skills.

While you receive spirit points for every match, you can receive greater spirit points as you win these matches.

How to Use Spirit Points


  • Head over to the Collection section in the main menu and select the Character you want to level up.
  • You can select the different characters of Survivors as well as the Demons.
  • The spirit points are the grey number below the character’s level progression.
evil dead the game spirit points
Image Source – Jason’s Gameplay Videos on YouTube.
  • Hold the Triangle, or Y, or the default button to spend and use the Spirit points.
  • As you hold the keybind, the Spirit points will start draining and the level progression will start increasing.
  • If you long-press for too long, it may result in losing all the Spirit points. So, make sure to be cautious while spending these points.


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