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How To Play & Win As A Demon – Best Evil Dead Game Tips

Here's a look at how to play & win as a Demon in our Evil Dead Game Tips.

Playing the Demon can be frustrating if you are not entirely sure of what to do. But to be honest right now is the best time to play as a Demon. Many Survivors are rage quitting cause Demon players are able to completely obliterate them. So today let’s look at how to play & win as a Demon in our Evil Dead Game Tips.

Evil Dead Game Best Demon


If you manage to keep your ‘Flautist’ survive, “Necromancer” is easily the best Demon to control the tide & win the match in Evil Dead The Game now. Here are other best Demons for your playstyle in Evil Dead Game:

  • If you are new, then choose “Warlord” Demon
    • This Demon focuses on the attacks of boss ‘Henrietta’
    • Very powerful boss to destroy Survivors easily
  • If you looking for more possession-based attacks, choose “Puppeteer”
    • This Demon will allow you to take & deal more damages with units you posses
  • Choose “Necromancer” to deal damages with your normal & elite units
    • But their main drawback is defenseless ‘Flautist’
    • If you manage to keep your ‘Flautist’ survive, “Necromancer” is easily the best Demon to control the tide in the game now

How to Play & Win as a Demon in Evil Dead Game (Tips)


How to Play Win as a Demon in Evil Dead Game Tips

Here are Evil Dead Game Tips for how to play & win as a Demon. First, make sure to never have low “Infernal Energy” in the entire match. Spending & managing “Infernal Energy” efficiently throughout the battle will be your primary win condition. This is the red bar at bottom of your screen. Once you start the game, go to major locations like map pieces & Kandarian Dagger. Players have to do these tasks first. On the way keep collecting ‘Infernal Orbs’, they are vital in your gameplay.

Use Map to locate Survivors. They will only show up once they start doing mistakes. You can also keep eye on Cars. Many new Survivors tend to use cars early in the game. This will help you to spot them immediately. If you can’t find them, then go to Necronomicon & Kandarian Dagger locations. Then spend your initial “Infernal Energy” to Set Traps near these areas. Once you spot Survivors, go to their location on priority, to stall them.


Look at where the Survivors are running towards. These should be page locations. Set your traps accordingly. First, try to pick on Survivors away from others. Do not possess them when they are alone. This won’t help you to deal any damage to others. But if you possess them, waste their ammo and special skills, or take them far away from the team. Also, do not let your “Infernal Energy” deplete a lot in this process. If you are low on energy, avoid possessions for now. When the Survivors are together, try to pick on the ‘Support’ class. If they are down, then the team will get no major healing.


Also, keep an eye on your “Threat Level”. This will be the icon on the lower right side of your screen. Here you will see your “Infernal Upgrade Points”. Below the icon, you can see the current ‘Threat Level’. Spend “Infernal Upgrade Points” according to the Demon you picked. For “Warlord”, upgrade Traps & Boss levels. As “Necromancer”, upgrade Traps & Portals levels. For “Puppeteer”, upgrade Traps & Possession levels.


Some upgrades have a minimum ‘Threat Level’ to unlock. To increase ‘Threat Level’ easily, set more traps, place portals, scare & possess Survivors. All while not completely being low at your “Infernal Energy”. Once you reach near the Survivors, try to predict their movement. Now set traps along their way. This will increase the Fear level very fast. For all Demon types, we suggest you spend your initial ‘Infernal Upgrade Points’ on “TRAPS”. Your upgrade points much prioritize skills as Traps>Infernal Energy>Portal Basic>Possession>Portal Elite>Boss>Demon Vision. You can avoid ‘Demon Vision’ and invest those points in other abilities. To overcome the benefits of ‘Demon Vision’ keep the focus on Map and surrounding elements like cars.

Bring Down Survivors

Focus on getting Level 3 Traps, once you unlock both level 1 Portals (Basic & Elite). Once near Survivors, plan your position and use ‘Demonic Dash’. This will be ‘C’ on PC, RB on Xbox, & R1 on PS. Try to get as many Survivors with this ability. This will increase their fear level and you will get lots of points. Do not use ‘Demonic Dash’ if there is any kind of obstacle between you and Survivors, you will miss them. Use Portals to bring in units.

And if you are using “Necromancer” protect your Flautist. With your Flautist around, you will deal tons of damage to your other units. Do not go for a complete kill. Let the Survivor be “downed” or bleed out. This will force other Survivors to come to this location for help. Set traps along their way, and use Portals to slow them down.

Always try to surround the Survivors with your units. If they are attacking one of your units, possess or spawn another unit behind them and surround them. Always focus on Survivors with the lowest health. Make sure to spend your points, and upgrade yourself. Do not let points accumulate a lot and go to waste. Once action goes down a bit, get on to collecting more Orbs around the map. Once you are able to get Boss (after Threat Level 10), plan your next move.

If you have Henrietta, wait for the ritual to take place. This will give you tons of points, Henrietta can take out the team alone (with other Elite units). Use Henrietta to focus on survivors with low health and use the Body Slam when surrounded. For Necromancer make sure your Flautist is safe (surround by  Elites) before bringing your boss. For Puppeteer possess the strongest Survivor or the one with the most health and focus on bringing done low health Survivors.

We hope this guide on how to play & win as a Demon in our Evil Dead Game Tips, helped you. We will be adding more tips or change some the more we play the game. So make sure to check back later. Also, while you are here, take a look at our  Evil Dead Guides for more tips & tricks like this.