Zelda TOTK Spicy Peppers Locations (How To Get & Farm)

Wondering where you can get some Spicy Peppers to gain cold resistance in cold regions of hyrule? Here is our guide on how you can get & farm Spicy Peppers in Tears Of The Kingdom

In Tears Of The Kingdom, not all the environments are suitable for Link to go through with his adventures across the lands of Hyrule. Cold regions are one of the tough terrains that Link will come across at the very start of the game. In these regions, if not looked out for players will start losing health because of the cold affecting Link. Players can acquire cold resistance through meals and their best bet here are Spicy Peppers. Here is our guide on how to get & farm Spicy Peppers in Zelda TOTK.

How to Get Spicy Peppers in Zelda TOTK

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Spicy Peppers help players gain cold resistance when cooked properly. These are extremely useful when players tread on cold regions of Hyrule as they help Link survive the freezing weather. These peppers are introduced to players in Sky Islands at the start of the game. Players can find them all across Hyrule and Sky Islands. You can find an abundance of these in cold regions on Sky Islands or deserts and mountain regions of Hyrule. The most common locations for players to spot these are Gutanbac Shrine in Sky Island, Gerudo Desert, Hyrule Field, and Herba Mountain regions(more specifically around Rito Village). Players would have to roam and explore these places to acquire Spicy Peppers.

How to Farm Spicy Peppers Zelda TOTK

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Players would want an abundance of Spicy Peppers in their inventory as they will go through the cold regions. So once you are familiar with the locations above there is a neat trick you can try to farm some peppers easily. This is where Purah Pad comes to your rescue. Purah Pad in Tears Of The Kingdom is a new mechanic that lets players take photographs and with some upgrades, it can help you track Shrines and other items. Once you have your hands on the Purah Pad you can then try out its Sensor+ feature. To unlock this feature you will have to take photographs of 5 monsters and hand them over to Robbie after which he will install the update on your pad.
After which you can follow these steps

  • Once you spot Spicy Peppers at locations take out your Purah Pad
  • Select the camera function by holding L
  • Once it activates make sure it shows Spicy Peppers and then take a photo by pressing A
  • This would register the peppers in your Compendium
  • After which you can simply open the Compendium by pressing Y in the world map
  • Once done, select the spicy pepper from your list of options
  • This will now act as a sensor that will help you track down Spicy Peppers. The sensor will beep faster when you will approach places with peppers.

Note: It is essential to have the Sensor+ upgrade for your Purah Pad to use this feature

That is everything on how you can get & farm Spicy Peppers in Tears Of The Kingdom. If you want to know about the location of Hateno Cheese and where you can farm it do check out our guide right here on Gamer Tweak.

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