TOTK Hateno Cheese Location (Where To Find & Farm)

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The meals system from Breath Of The Wild makes its way in Tears Of The Kingdom where players can cook many different types of meals for their advantage. When cooked properly, these meals can help players heal Link’s heart, give him the ability to resist cold, etc. Every meal has a different ability in the game and not all of them will look or sound pretty. Though such is not the case with Hateno Cheese and the meals prepared from it. Hateno cheese can be used to cook meals like Cheesecake, Cheesy Tomato, etc all of them would help players heal one of Link’s hearts. So here is our guide on how you can find & farm Hateno Cheese in Tears Of The Kingdom.

Hateno Cheese Location in Zelda TOTK

letter to koyin side quest tears of the kingdom

  • First to unlock Hateno Cheese players will have to complete a side quest named ‘A Letter To Koyin’.
  • To complete this you can head toward the Hateno Village and locate the Hateno Pasture.
  • There you will find Koyin at the side of a pond and you will need to help her retrieve a bottle from the middle of the pond itself. The bottle contains the recipe for Hateno Cheese.
  • Once you receive and hand it over to Koyin she will then give you the cheese as a reward. After which players can then buy it from the store in Lookout Landing for 20 Rupees.
  • We recommend you complete the Dantz’s Prize Cows side quest in the Hateno Village as well, as it will come in handy to farm some Hateno Cheese.

How to Farm Hateno Cheese in Tears Of The Kingdom

farm hateno cheese in tears of the kingdom

Stores in Lookout Landing can run out of things after which it will take them days to restock in Tears Of The Kingdom. In case players want to have more of Hateno Cheese in their inventory they simply need to approach Koyin as she will sell it for 20 Rupees or in exchange for Fresh milk. Since you would not want to spend your rupees you can get Fresh Milk for 3 acorns each from Dantz after completing his side quest. Players can obtain these acorns after they chop up some trees or shoot down Bushy Tailed Squirrel which will drop an acorn each.


That is everything on where you can find & farm Hateno Cheeze in Tears Of the Kingdom (TOTK). And if you want to farm some Tabantha Wheat to use in cooking with the cheese you can check out our guide right here on Gamer Tweak.

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