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How To Beat AUT SP Arcade Boss Bur (Tips & Tricks)

Check out this guide to know more about the SP Arcade thug boss Bur in A Universal Time and tips to defeat him.

Wondering how to defeat the SP Arcade equipped boss named Bur in AUT? In the action-adventure Roblox experience, players will come across a ton of different stand users and most notably bosses inspired by hit anime & game series. Although Bur the fifth disciple of Bon Shaker with his Star Platinum stand can come off as intimidating for players. It is one of the best closed ranged stands with a strong skillset directly inspired by the JJBA series. Not to mention he also has its mythical skin Star Platinum: Arcade equipped while fighting. With all the skillset and level, if you are looking for some tips to beat him in a battle, check out this guide further to know more.

How to Beat SP Arcade Boss in AUT

star platinum arcade boss in aut

Players will have to keep in mind that Bur was a raid event Thug boss that was added in A Universal Time’s 2.2 update for seven days. And as of now is unavailable for players to fight. Although he was added back in for another seven days in the 2.3.2 update. So players can expect him to be added in the upcoming updates. We will update this guide as soon as the devs put him back in the game. And till then here are all the tips we have compiled for you on the SP Arcade Boss Bur to make it easy for you when you face him off in AUT:

  •  Based on previous updates, players were able to summon Bur in the Dark Souls Arena with the Boss Summoner using 100000 UCoins.
  •  As he is Star Platinum(SP) stand user, players will find it difficult to counter his Rush Combo and Ora Barrage while in close-range combat. The most important tip would be to deal with AoE damages or engage in ranged attacks.
  •  Bur took on 79% less damage while fighting and also dealt 2.02 more damage to players. This makes him one of the strongest opponents. Although players could easily land lethal blows using abilities or characters who dealt True Damage in the game. This list included Dawn, Yone, etc in the game.
  •  Since Bur has Hyperarmor in AUT, Gojo’s True Damage ability while using Infinite Void can deem ineffective. As the thug boss would just block it.
  •  We would recommend you fight Bur with 4 more players.  You may find him difficult to beat soloing or while playing duo. With his massive health and powerful & quick skillset he can put you in tricky situations in the Arena

That’s everything covered on how to beat SP Boss Bur in AUT. If you find this guide helpful, check out our guide on how to remove stand, how to get Broly & how to get Requiem Arrow in A Universal Time, right here on Gamer Tweak.