How To Get Requiem Arrow In A Universal Time (AUT)

Looking for a Requiem Arrow and wondering how it is different from a normal arrow? Well look no further I will explain it all in this guide.

Requiem Arrow is an item that is canon to JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure series. It appears in Part 5 of the anime and manga. The arrow can be used to upgrade Stands, and one particular Stand at that. You can upgrade Gold Experience with it. Luckily you can also upgrade Stands in this game. So without further ado, let’s take a look at how to get the Requiem Arrow in AUT.

How To get Requiem Arrow AUT

how to get requiem arrow in aut
Image credit: Element-G on YoutTube

You can find Requiem Arrow in Treasure Chests. Treasure Chests can be found throughout the map. You have a 9% chance of finding a Requiem Arrow from a Chest. Unfortunately as of now the only way to get Requiem Arrow is from Chests. So you will have to keep a very keen eye out for them.

Although you can increase your odds of finding Treasure Chests. There isn’t much of a trick behind it, only that these Chests spawn in the same location every time. They spawn at the interval of 5 minutes. If you are lucky you can find 2 items from one Chest. Although if luck isn’t in your favor then sadly you might get nothing out of these Chests. So, what you can do to get more Treasure Chests is first to find one Chest. Once you find a Chest remember its location and look around the map for more Chests. Remember you have 5 minutes before it spawns again. Repeating this procedure will increase your chances of getting your hands on a Requiem Arrow.

What are the uses of the Requiem Arrow?

Unlike the normal Arrow which grants you a Stand when you are Standless, Requiem Arrow serves a different purpose. You have to use the Requiem Arrow to upgrade your Gold Experience to Gold Experience Requiem. That’s right just like the anime even in this game you use the Requiem Arrow to get GER (Gold Experience Requiem). The Requiem Arrow won’t be of any use to you if you don’t have Gold Experience first. So you should get that stand first before using this.

That covers everything you need to know about Requiem Arrow and its Uses. If you like playing A Universal Time be sure to check our guide on how to get D4C or how to get Tusk another few of the most powerful Stands from this game.