ARK: Survival Ascended Best Solo Server Settings

Copy these settings to challenge yourself in on a solo journey in ARK: Survival Ascended game.

If you are looking for more challenges and put your survival skills to the test, the ARK Survival Ascended single player server is the way to do it. The single-player server allows you to challenge yourself on this mysterious island filled with dangerous creatures for survival.

Follow along with this guide to learn about the best ASA Single Player server settings to get the percent combination of adventure, challenges, and exploring in this Jurassic World.

Best ARK Survival Ascended Single Player Server Settings

Best ARK Survival Ascended Single Player Settings

The Game Rules and advanced settings will decide your overall gaming experience in this solo journey. Below are the ARK Survival Ascended single player server settings that you need to modify to get that competitive environment.

Game Rules

Before we start, choose the Difficult level as Hard to get the default value. Next from the settings head to the Game Rules section and copy the below-given value for each element in the game.

Player Settings

Stats Settings Value
Damage 1
Resistance 1
Water Drain 0.7
Food Drain 0.7
Stamina 0.7
Health Recovery 1
Harvesting Damage 3

Here, you can change the Harvesting Damage to a lower value to make it more difficult. Also, changing the Water Drain and Food Drain to a higher value will imply your character getting hungry and thirsty faster. You can use this setting to check out your endurance level.

Creature Settings

Settings Value
Max Count 1
Damage 1
Resistance 1
Food Drain 0.7
Stamina Drain 1
Health Recovery 1
Harvesting Damage 5
Turret Damage 1
Disable Taming Off
Disable Riding Off

Structure Settings

Settings Values
Damage Repair Cooldown179
Disable Structure Placement CollisionOn

In this section, the Disable Structure Placement Collision is enabled to help you build structures without any hurdles.

World Settings

Settings Values
XP Multiplier2
Taming Speed Multiplier4
Harvest Yield Multiplier5
Allow Speed LevelingOn
Allow Flyer Speed LevelingOn
Maximum DifficultyOn
Difficulty LevelOne
PVE ModeOff
Hardcore ModeOff
Allow Unlimited RespecsOn

The Flyer Speed Leveling and Speed Leveling are to help with your movement. You can also increase the Harvest Yield Multiplier to get more drops from resources.

Advance Settings

The Advance setting is more of a personal preference setting. Inside the Advance Settings, the two prominent areas you can alter are the World and Player Tab.

The default values are classified as hard, hence you go through them to increase and decrease the value depending on the settings to make it easier or difficult in the game. For instance, under the Player tab, you can change the weight to 4 or 5 while you, increase your weight carry capacity.

That’s everything covered for the best ARK Survival Ascended Single Player Settings. If you find this guide helpful, head to our Ark: Survival Ascended dedicated section for more such useful guides on this game. Furthermore, here are a few direct links to some related guides that might be useful for you in this mystical world of the ark: survival evolved like: