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Tips to find Singing Cricket in Ghost of Tsushima

Jin's music power lets him change the weather, he can play the flute and pull out the sun from storms. But to unlock songs you will need to find Singing Crickets.

In Ghost of Tsushima, the protagonist Jin owns a powerful flute that can change the weather. If you are finding the weather conditions not favorable you can pull out the flute from the Gears section and play it. The music will change the weather instantly, but there are two requirements to use this feature. First, you will need to unlock new Music’s powerful enough to change weather and second you will have to find Singing Crickets in Ghost of Tsushima. Here is how to do this easily.

How to find Singing Crickets in Ghost of Tsushima?

Singing Crickets are located in cemeteries. You will come across a few during the main story missions and side quest. Or else keep exploring the region and you will locate a cemetery made out of stone with a small cage. Grab them and you unlocked a song.

The best and fastest way to find cemetery is by using the Guiding Wind skill. It works as a compass and will guide you straight towards the singing cricket. To speed up exploration more and unlock artifacts easily use Traveler’s Attire armor. This armor features perks that can make finding things easy.

Traveler’s Attire armor can track artifact and reduces the fog to 20%. While wearing this armor your controller will vibrate when an artifact is near you in a range of 30m. So this is how you can find Singing Crickets in Ghost of Tsushima.  Here is a tip on how to use Guiding Wind.

  • Press the Options button and then press the right D-pad to set the Guiding Wind.
  • From the wheel choose the target to find Undiscovered Singing Cricket.
  • Press X and then follow the wind.

Guiding Wind is an important skill to unlock fast during the start of the game. It will let you explore various hidden artifacts and items in Ghost of Tsushima.