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How to Change Weather In Ghost of Tsushima

To change the weather in Ghost of Tsushima you have to play the flute, some music is powerful enough to pull the sun out of the rain.

Bad Weather, Bad Vision, Bad Combat? That may sound challenging but here is a cool trick to change the weather in Ghost of Tsushima. Jin has hidden musical talent, and it is powerful enough to pull out the sun from dark clouds. Ghost of Tsushima features a weather system that can be controlled via music. So here is a guide on how to change the weather in Ghost of Tsushima?

How to play Flute to change weather in Ghost of Tsushima?

The flute is an integral accessory of a warrior in the world of Ghost of Tsushima. Smooth music with some magical powers that can change the entire weather in a blink. Jin’s flute is available through the Gear section. From the game, menu selects Gear and pick the Flute. You will see the Equipped Songs section. There are multiple songs in the game and you can unlock more. I will tell you how to unlock songs in Ghost of Tsushima later.

After equipping the flute if you are finding the weather is not favorable then play the song and it will change. The song description will clearly state a description – a song that can change the weather.

You can play the flute by swiping left on the touchpad and modify the weather condition from bright sunlight to intense cold. Songs that can change weather are not unlocked by default, you have to find them.

How to unlock new songs in Ghost of Tsushima?

Find Singing Crickets in Ghost of Tsushima to unlock new songs. The most common locations of Singing Cricket is cemetery, use Guiding Wind to find the nearest cricket chirping in the silence. Guiding Wind is a skill in Ghost of Tsushima you can unlock using Technique Points. It will help you to discover hidden artifacts in the game.

Using this ability you can easily find Singing Crickets and unlock up to 4 songs which can change the weather in Ghost of Tsushima. With different weather, your combat strategy will also change. Harsh weather with low visibility blocks enemies’ vision, giving you a chance to penetrate their defense. While bright sunlight is ideal during combats.

So this is how you can play flute and change weather in Ghost of Tsushima. Also, learn how to unlock Fast Travel Points in Ghost of Tsushima. Another important feature that will save a ton of your time and let you explore the vast open-world regions.