Baldur’s Gate 3: Should You Let Gale Reforge The Crown?

Wondering what is probably the best outcome and ending for your Companion Gale in BG3? Here is what you should let him do with the Crown Of Karsus.

One of the many beautiful things about this game is that it offers multiple endings for your characters and companions depending on the choices you make throughout your journey. One such question that players have is should you let Gale reforge the crown in BG3? Before going any further there are some spoilers for Acts 2, 3, and Gale’s fate in Baldur’s Gate 3. So if you are still playing or don’t want to get spoiled I suggest you come back later. But if you are still here, then here is what happens to him.

Should You Let Gale Reforge the Crown of Karsus in BG3?

Should You Let Gale Reforge The Crown In Baldurs Gate 3
Image Credits: PerfectParadox on YouTube. Gale talks about reforging crown of Karsus in BG3.

Depending on whether you are playing as Origin Gale or Companion Gale the answer to this question changes. But assuming he is your companion and if you are looking to get an extra cutscene you shouldn’t let him reforge the crown.

During the events of Act 2, Gale learns about the Crown of Karsus after you encounter the Elder Brain. After you acquire The Annals of Karsus, Gale suggests you let him check the book to learn more about the crown on Elder Brain and if Karsus really made it. During these dialogues, you get several options to encourage or discourage him from reforging the crown. Do note that these choices matter after you beat the Elder Brain in Act 3.

If you encouraged Gale previously, he will leave to reforge it while promising to meet you again after he has ascended. In case you romanced him then he will also suggest ascending you after his ascension.

As for when you make Gale understand that it is better to return the crown to Mystra, he will do that instead of taking it for himself.

That is all for whether you should let Gale reforge the Crown of Karsus in Baldur’s Gate 3. If you are looking for help with other choices of this game do also check our guides on whether you should obey or defy Vlaakith, let Karlach become Mind Flayer, kill Aelis Siryasius, and kill Valeria.