Should You Kill Valeria In Baldur’s Gate 3 (BG3)?

Wondering whether you should kill Valeria and side with Sarevok or do the opposite in BG3? Well, don’t worry here is what all happens when you make either choice.

During Act 3 of BG3, you will reach a point where you have to decide whether you should kill Valeria or Sarevok. Before proceeding any further, this guide will have some spoilers of the game’s third Act, so if you haven’t progressed this far, you should come back here later. Back to the question at hand, on one side, if you do not kill the creature, you get an obnoxious Elephant for an ally. Meanwhile, you make some enemies but get a decent reward on the other side. However, both choices have consequences, so here is whether or not you kill Valeria in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Should You Kill Valeria in BG3?

Should You Kill Valeria Or Sarevok In BG3
Image Credits: ZaFrostPet on YouTube. Sarevok asking you to kill Valeria in BG3.

No, you should ideally skip killing her and kill Sarevok instead. To keep things as much spoiler-free as possible, here is what you stand to gain after ending him:

  • Valuable loot that consists of Sword of Chaos and Horned Helmet.
  • Valeria is an ally in one of the upcoming quests.

This is the path you should go for if your character is good. If you don’t mind being evil, then here is what happens when you kill Valeria:

  • You will accept Sarevok’s decision and won’t have to fight him in a boss battle, so your story progression will be faster.
  • You become the Unholy Assassin.

That is all there is to what happens when you kill her. Of course, after killing Valeria, Sarevok also asks you to take care of Orin. Don’t worry; you fight Orin no matter whether you choose to side with Valeria or Sarevok.

Can You Kill Sarevok after killing Valeria in Baldur’s Gate 3?

Yes! If you feel bad for killing one, then you can go ahead and also kill Sarevok for his loot. This even happens story-wise: After you kill Orin, you go to Bhaal, and you become his chosen one. When this happens and you return to Sarevok, he will fight you, so that is your chance to get his loot.

So for a quick conclusion, you should kill Valeria in BG3 if you want to progress fast or kill Sarevok for his loot. But you can always kill Sarevok after Valeria. While you are here also check our guide on how to use Mage armor in this game.