Baldur’s Gate 3 Vlaakith: Should You Obey Or Defy Her?

Met Vlaakith during Act 1 but aren’t sure how your interactions with her will affect Lae’zel in BG3? Well, here are the consequences of whether you kneel to or disobey her.

Baldur’s Gate 3 being based off of DnD is filled with various choices. Some of these are irrelevant for the most part, for example, deciding if you should kill Valeria. However, not all choices are like that, a lot of them actually impact your story and character connections in the long run. One such dilemma that you will face during the game’s Act 1 is whether you should kneel to Vlaakith in BG3 or disobey her. You can try playing safe but you still need to make some tough decisions. So here are the instances you meet her and how they affect you later on.

Before proceeding further, there are going to be some spoilers regarding the game’s Act 3 and Lae’zel’s endings.

Should You Kneel to Vlaakith in BG3?

Should I Kneel To Vlaakith In BG3
Obeying Vlaakith in Act 1 of Baldur’s Gate 3.

Depending on the game’s Act, yes and no, you both have to obey and can disobey her depending on the situation. Here is a complete breakdown of the decisions you must take:

Should I Obey Vlaakith during Act 1?

You should listen to Vlaakith only for the part where she tells you to enter the Prism.

  • During Act 1, go to Creche Y’llek to find out more about the mind flayer parasite cure.
  • Eventually, you will meet the Inquisitor and will have to either hand him over your Prism or you can fight to keep it.
  • Irrespective of what you do Vlaakith will show up and will tell you to go to the Prism and kill the Dream Visitor.
  • Now, you have two choices to obey or defy her:
    • Obeying Vlaakith: Enter the Prism, but do not kill the Dream Visitor. If you do try to kill her you lose their trust and it isn’t really good for your character later on in the game.
    • Defying Vlaakith: If you do not enter the Prism, Vlaakith will kill your party resulting in the game ending.

The major consequences concerning your party getting killed happen in Act 1. Whatever decisions you make regarding Vlaakith during the game’s third Act will lead to different fates for Lae’zel so if you don’t plan to keep her in your party or aren’t concerned with her ending it shouldn’t matter much.

Should You Kneel to Vlaakith in Act 3?

If you want a good ending for Lae’zel then you should not obey Vlaakith here either. Here is what will happen:

  • Lae’zel obeys Vlaakith: If Lae’zel fulfills Vlaakith’s wish and kills Orpheus she will ascend. When you talk to Withers he mentions to ascend for a Gith is to be consumed. This is a bad ending for Lae’zel so after Act 1 you should try and convince her as much as possible to go against Vlaakith.
  • Lae’zel doesn’t kneel to Vlaakith: With this choice, she can side with Orpheus and Voss, which will then bring you to the choice of having to side with Orpheus or the Emperor. But if you side with Orpheus and make him the Mind Flayer then after the last fight you can let Lae’zel go and fight to save her kin.

That is all for whether you should kneel to Vlaakith in BG3 or obey her. If you did decide to free Orpheus, you still have the option to make Karlach the Mind Flayer instead of him. While you are checking other character storylines, also check out if you should let Shadowheart become a dark justiciar.