Diablo 4: When To Sell, Salvage, Drop Or Stash Gear

Not sure which is better to do in D4? Here are the decisions you need to make depending on the scenario.

As soon as you find better gear and find your inventory filling up, you will wonder – should I sell, salvage, drop, or stash loot to make space in Diablo 4? Well, you will need to do different things at different points in your journey. If you are new to the game or just curious to know what to do with all the items, here’s a guide that explains when you should sell and when you should salvage, stash or drop items in D4.

Should you Sell, Salvage, Drop, or Stash Loot Items in Diablo 4?

Is it better to sell or salvage items in D4? Here are the various situations you should consider while checking your inventory.

  • Do you have better items already? Salvage the weaker items for salvage materials via the Blacksmith. These will come in handy for crafting and imprinting in the future. But do note that your Sacred and Ancestral items with good stats can be converted into Legendaries so take that into consideration before salvaging.
  • Do you need money right now for upgrading your gear? Sell the weaker loot you’ve found via the Armor vendor near the Blacksmith, or any other vendor in the Town that will buy items from you.
  • If a Legendary item gives you a new Transmog look, and you won’t have a problem losing the stats of that item permanently, you can go to the blacksmith and Salvage it.

when to sell items for gold d4

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When Should you Drop Items?

when to sell stash salvage loot diablo 4

To drop items or not depends on the situation you are in. While gold is very important for multiple reasons (the Skill Tree and paragon board refunds will cost gold too), you will have more than enough eventually. If you’re in a situation where you have something like 18M+ Gold, your build has all Legendary items, but you’ve found rare items – you can drop them if you are in the middle of a dungeon/event and need some space in your inventory. This is because you neither need the money you’ll earn for selling them nor the salvage materials.

How to Drop Items in Diablo 4?

  • PC players can drop the loot by opening their inventory by pressing ‘I’ on their keyboard, clicking and holding the item, and dragging it outside the window.
  • Console players can also highlight the item and long press the Drop prompt key you see on the screen.

When should you Stash Items in D4?

when to stash items d4

If you’ve received Sacred, Ancestral, and Legendary items with good stats that you might need if you switch up your build in the future, stash them. Don’t make the mistake of selling them because you don’t know when they will drop again. So, for safety, stash them by going to a Waypoint location which has the ‘chest’ icon on it.

This stash can also be accessed by your alt characters, so if you’ve received items for another class and plan to play as that class, stash it for the future. But since there are limited tabs in the Stash as well, even after buying new ones, you will have to empty the slots out eventually.

And that’s the basis of when you should sell, salvage, drop, and stash items in Diablo 4. If you are getting started with the game and are wondering how some mechanics like ‘crowd control’ work, we’ve got just the guide for you.