Diablo 4 Alt Leveling: Best Way To Level Alts

Once your story campaign is over, you can focus on leveling Alts in Diablo 4. Since you can select other classes for your alternative D4 character, it is critical to increasing their power and level to the maximum. You can opt for skipping the campaign for your alts after beating the campaign. But to increase power and level up an alt character, you must take on different tactics or techniques. Don’t worry, this guide has got you covered with the fastest ways for leveling alts in D4 to save up time. So, here’s the best way to level alts in Diablo 4.

Best Ways to Level Alts in Diablo 4diablo 4 best way to level alts

The best way to level an alt in D4 is by targeting Aspect dungeons to farm more XP and loot. But as grinding only on dungeons can be a slower approach, there are also other ways to level character alts faster.

So, let’s break down all the best ways for leveling alts in Diablo 4:

Target Dungeons to farm XP and Legendary Aspects

If you want to level alts in Diablo 4, you can target dungeons that reward Aspects and more XP. As with every Legendary Aspect, they offer better build and skill boosts for your alts. But aside from aspects, clearing aspect dungeons can also help you earn more XP. For every dungeon that you complete, you can also get 30 Renown points according to the region.

Earning Renown with the Region Zones

Speaking of the Renown system, it is the fastest way to earn XP and Gold. For every region zone, there are five tiers of Renown you can complete. You get bonus XP by completing all the objectives of the Renown Tiers. Alongside, you can also earn rewards like increased Potion capacity, Skill Points, Paragon Points, and more. Once you have completed Renown tiers for all five zones, you can get +10 Skill points, +5 extra Potion charges, and plenty of bonus XP.

If you are confused about its progress, know how to check Renown in Diablo 4.

Find all the Altars of Lilith

Since getting Altars of Lilith offers a +2 boost to one of your major stats, we recommend finding them all. You can also find and earn Altars of Lilith that specifically reward you with Paragon Points. Further, you also earn +10 Renown depending on the region zone you found the Altar. There are 160 Altars scattered across the Sanctuary in Diablo 4.

So, finding them all offers a 68+ stat boost for your character alts. But if you are unable to find any statues, check out our guide on all the Altar of Lilith marked on the map.

Increase World Tier Difficulty

Once you are acquainted with the World Tiers in Diablo 4, grinding on a higher difficulty level will reward more XP for Alts. Compared to the World Tier 1 difficulty, Tier 2 Veteran drastically rewards you with an XP boost. Dungeons like Ruins of Eridu and Champions Demise are some dungeons that exponentially reward more experience on higher World Tier difficulty. But also be cautious of the hordes of Elite mobs, bosses, and enemies.

As you progress, start clearing dungeons on World Tier 3 Nightmare and World Tier 4 Torment once you unlock them. Note that the higher the difficulty level of your World Tier, the more XP and loot you will be rewarded.

Grim Favors with Tree of Whispers

With the endgame content, the Tree of Whispers can reward plenty of XP to level up alts in D4. For that, you must earn Grim Favors by completing different objectives or Whispers (as referred to in-game) around the map. Once you have earned ten Grim Favors, you can head to the Tree of Whispers at Hawezar to claim rewards. You can store only up to 10 Grim Favors at once.

So, we recommend not stacking them up and claiming caches of reward after earning ten Grim.

Power Leveling with Friends

Lastly, you can join a party with friends or other players to earn bonus XP for alts in D4. If you have four players in your party, you can get a 10% bonus XP for dealing with the monstrosities around Sanctuary. You can also get an additional 5% XP for alts by joining World Events with your friends and other players.

How to Skip Campaign in Diablo 4 (For Alts)

diablo 4 best way to level alts

You can skip the D4 campaign for alts by completing it once with your main character. After that, the skip campaign option will be available for your alternative characters. As of now, you can create up to 10 Alt characters in Diablo 4.

So, you can try out all five classes in Hardcore or Softcore (Normal) mode. If you are skipping the story campaign, check out the best endgame builds for your alts.

That’s all about the best way to level alts in Diablo 4. If you liked this guide, check out our more guides to find out the best way to farm and get uniques, how to get past level 50, and more Diablo 4 Guides right here on Gamer Tweak.