Diablo 4: Best Farming Spots For Legendary (Locations & Ways)

If you want to survive Lilith’s wrath across the Sanctuary, you must know the best Legendary farming spots in Diablo 4. While getting these items is not explained much in-game, there are many ways to farm Legendary gear in D4. As you progress, you will also notice that completing campaign acts and quests also rewards with Legendaries. However, you must scavenge zones, dungeons, activities, and events, for farming Legendaries in Diablo 4. So, here’s where you can find out the best Legendary farming locations and ways.

Best Legendary Farming Spots in Diablo 4

diablo 4 best farming spots

Here are the best farming spots and ways to get Legendaries in Diablo 4:

Maugan’s Works (Farming Exploit)

Maugan’s Works is one of the best dungeons for Legendary gear and XP farming. If you haven’t cleared this dungeon, you can get an Earthstriker’s Aspect for completing this dungeon for the first time. This legendary aspect offers increased Overpower damage once you have swapped 10 weapons. While earlier, there was a farming exploit that could spawn more elite enemies in dungeons to farm Legendary gear. However, the devs were quick to nerf and patch this dungeon.

But since there are over hundreds of dungeons, you can discover an exploit within them by exploring the Sanctuary. Although these dungeons can be swarming with Elite enemies, these are potentially the best farming spots in Diablo 4. We will update this guide if we discover such farming exploits.

Anica Claim (and other Animus dungeons)

As Anica Claim is one of the Animus dungeons, there’s no shortage of Elite enemies inside these dungeons. But before heading inside, you must clear the Malnok Stronghold event. You can find Anica’s Claim in Diablo 4 located at the Fractured Peaks towards the east of Kyovashad. Once you head there, you can farm Legendary Gear and Gold by beating the Elite enemies within these dungeons. You will find hordes of Animus Carriers infesting and ready to attack you in these areas.

Clearing World Events

With endless activities, clearing out the World events is the best farming way to get Legendary gear in Diablo 4. These events are usually swarmed with Elite Bosses, enemies, and mobs. So, you can grind on these events till you farm the required Legendary gear. We recommend farming “Hold Your Ground” World Events in D4 as these activities are straightforward and quick.

Helltide Events

Entering into the endgame after the D4 campaign, Helltide events are another Legendary farming source. Once you unlock the World Tier 3: Nightmare difficulty, Helltides will start spawning across the Sanctuary. You can complete these events to get drop rewards like Aberrant Cinders that can be turned into Tortured Chests. In addition, you can also get these chests by clearing the Helltides.

Although earning Legendary gear is not guaranteed, the drop rate is significantly higher. So, you can take on the Helltides to farm Tortured Gifts

Fields of Hatred

The Fields of Hatred is a PvP mode that pits you against other players from different classes. However, if you want to farm Legendary items in these places, you can disable the PvP mode. This would allow you to fight waves of Elite mobs and enemies in the Fields of Hatred. But note that there is a rare chance that Elite enemies would drop Legendary gear around this area. We recommend players beat Treasure Goblins across this region to increase their chances.

diablo 4 best farming spots

That’s all about the best Legendary farming spots in Diablo 4. If you liked this guide, check out our guides to find out how to unlock and get Donan’s Favor quest, how long is AFK timer limit, and more Diablo 4 Guides right here on Gamer Tweak.

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