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Diablo 4 AFK Timer: When Do The Servers Timeout & Kick?

Want to know how long is the AFK timer in D4? Here's where you can find out the Diablo 4 AFK Timer and when does servers timeout by kicking you out.

Without showing any concerns about the Diablo 4 AFK timer, many steadfast players timed out and were kicked from Blizzard’s servers. Due to the servers taking forever to load, going AFK or being “away from the keyboard” is quite understandable. But when you exceed the inactive time, the servers can kick you out with the auto-logout timer. In addition, Blizzard will also throw you back in the long waiting queue. So, is there any way to prevent the AFK timeout and getting kicked in Diablo 4? Don’t worry, here’s where you can find out the current AFK timer limit in D4.

How Long is the Diablo 4 AFK Timer? (Answered)

diablo 4 afk timer timeout kick

From Blizzard’s standard AFK times, the Diablo 4 AFK timer is roughly 30 minutes long. The servers can also potentially kick you out after being idly inactive for 20-25 minutes. Then, you must get into the waiting queue to join the servers, again. You can also receive a forced timeout if your character does not move in-game. The only way to prevent being disconnected or kicked from Diablo 4 servers is to not go AFK.

But on the contrary to getting kicked, you are more vulnerable to enemies when you are AFK. Since the Butcher boss can spawn at a random location and time, going AFK is never a safe option. And if you have chosen Hardcore Mode, you are more open to dangers in-game rather than being AFK. So, we recommend waiting for the server rather than being AFK.

You can also receive an auto-timeout or kick from Diablo 4 servers due to technical issues. So, check out our guide to find out if the D4 servers are down to check the current server status.

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