Diablo 4 Server Down? How To Check Diablo IV Server Status

Vedant Shanbhag
2 Min Read

The long wait for a new Diablo game is finally over. Blizzard’s new Diablo 4 is the latest addition to the long standing franchise and something that players are getting there hands on. There is a certain allure to hacking and slashing your way through numerous dungeons. However many players have complained about network connectivity issues and the down servers are preventing them from playing the game. So if you are one of the players who are affected by this, take a look at the current Diablo 4 Server Status.

How to Check Diablo 4 Server Status

diablo 4 server status

If you encounter any problems in the game, you can check out the Diablo 4 server status via Twitter. The Official Diablo Twitter account puts out any information in case of a server system crash. You can also visit Down Detector to see any updates. Since the game was released just a while ago and is still in its early days, many players will be logging in at the same time. Hopefully, Blizzard will fix the issues in time for the final release in June.

Since the game is in its early days, Diablo 4 has encountered a lot of troubles with high latency & connectivity issues. Along with that, the long queue time to enter a server and play the game is not an encouraging sign. But then again, the game is still new and the developers will be looking to work things out soon. If you are facing errors and the servers seem to be working properly, it is highly recommended that you contact Blizzard Support. Not only will you get professional help but also help Blizzard to fix errors before the full release.

That’s all we have on how to check the server status in Diablo 4. Once the game’s up and running again, check out How to beat Tchort Herald of Lilith and other Diablo 4 Guides here on Gamer Tweak.