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Should You Sell The Earth Savior Award In Starfield?

The prestigious Earth Savior Award is up for grabs in Starfield. But should you sell it? follow this guide to find out.

Stealing the Earth Savior Award in Starfield is a great opportunity to earn credits. However, the choice to steal it is optional, if you have stolen it, you must be wondering whether to sell it or consider other alternate options presented to you. During the Crimson Fleet quest, Naeva will ask you to steal the ES, if you have accepted the task you will have to break into the vault at the Capital city of Akila System. After either speaking to Evgeny Rokov or the Society Patron on the ship, you will get to know that the ES Award is with Sheila Holbrooke. After persuading her, you can get the Claim ID and unlock the safe. Once you have successfully stolen it, the question persists, what should you do with the Award?

Should you Sell the Earth Award in Starfield?

Earth Savior Award In Starfield

  • If you have gone to ask Evgeny Rokov for help while stealing, he will give you the condition of sharing the profits, and you will have to give him half of what you get rewarded.
  • If you have done some detective work on the ship and found out about Sheila Holbrooke, through any other NPC, you will have the option to either safely give it to Naeva or lie to her about the ES award.
  • In this situation, you can:
    • Hand it over to Naeva, according to the original plan, she will reward you with 6,000 (If you didn’t use Rokov’s help) or 3,000 Credits (if you used his help) and XP for completing the quest.
    • You can lie to Naeva and deal with her angry outbursts, save the award, and sell it later in the game for much more credits. Your Commerce skills will come in handy whenever you do decide to sell and will help you earn more money.

This is everything you need to know about Selling the Earth Savior Award in Starfield, if while stealing you get caught you can learn about the consequences and check out more Starfield guides, here on Gamer Tweak.