Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Memorial Mob Merchant Location

Memorial mob merchants are vendors in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice that you simply cannot afford to miss, they will usually gather around where there has been a massive casualty and will set up show selling items to offer to the dead. Among these items, you can find some pretty important stuff for yourself like Shinobi Prosthetic Tools which enable you to add more techniques to your gameplay. This guide will show you where to find the Memorial mob merchants.

Memorial Mob Merchant Locations

Crow’s Bed

The first you mob merchant can be found near the Ashina Outskirts. You will need to take down the first mini-boss, General Naomori Kawarada in the game. At the top of the eave, you start looking for a tall mesa beside the road. You will find the vendor on top of that, here you will find items like Pellets, Antidote Powder, Ungo’s Sugar, Light Coin Purse and Robert’s Firecrackers.


You will need to defeat Gyoubu Oniwa and after you have done that, climb the stairs and look to the tight, go there. You will have to hug the wall and continue until you find another set of stairs to your left. Here you will find another memorial mob vendor, you can find items like Dragon’s Blood Droplet, Antidote Powder, Fistful of Ash, Light Coin Purse, Heavy Coin Purse, Robert’s Firecrackers, and Gourd Seed.


You will need to visit the Abandoned Dungeon Entrance idol, in Ashina Castle, the route to this can be tricky, basically what you need to do is spawn at the Ashine Castle and jump from the bridge across the chasm and cross the other bridge till you see a massive gate. Climb a top and try to look for an opening in the wall. Go through this opening and turn left at the soonest. Here you will find the vendor and you can get items like Pellet, Dragon’s Blood Droplet, Contact Medicine, Mibu Possession Ballon, Light Coin Purse, Heavy Coin Purse, Mask Fragment: Dragon and Prayer Bead.


The vendor can be found inside the Senpou Temple area, you can find him on the top of the cliff near the Shugendo idol. You will need to begin at the courtyard and go towards the broken bridge. Once there look up and locate a cave mouth. Go inside the cave and follow the idol. The scaffolding to your left will bring you to the merchant. You can find items like Persimmon, Dragon’s Blood Droplet, Ako’s Sugar, Ungo’s Sugar, Five color Rice, Light Coin Purse, Heavy Coin Purse, Bulging Coin Purse, Scrap Magnetite.


You can find this merchant in the Sunken Valley area which is close to the Bodhisattva Valley idol. Once there get down into the poisonous muck and follow the path which leads you towards a crossroad, take a right and you will be able to see the merchant. You can find items like Pellet, Dragon’s Blood Droplet, Green Mossy Gourd, Antidote Powder, Heavy Coin Purse, Yellow Gunpowder.


You will need to travel near the Mibu Village idol in the Ashina Depths. You will also have to take down the Mist Noble mini-boss and after you are done by just dropping down from the roof and going behind the temple ahead of the lanters leading towards the cliff. Drop down to the left until you get to the ground and you will find the merchant and idol there. You can find items like Pellet, Mottled Purple Gourd, Gachiin’s Sugar, Heavy Coin Purse, Bulging Coin Purse, Adamantite Scrap, Dragonspring Sake and Treasure Carp Scales.

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