Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice How To Upgrade Your Character Guide

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice borrows from the elements of the earlier titles by From Software but this game is a completely different monster in its own, things can be confusing but worry not, this guide will show you how to how to upgrade health, posture, attack, and skills to become a Shinobi God and take on any foe that comes in your way.

Though this game feels familiar, there is so much different this title has to offer, all that will be covered in this guide.

How to upgrade your character

Vitality and Posture

The first thing you will need to upgrade your health and posture are Prayer Beads, these can be hard to find and is usually dropped by smaller bosses in the game. You will need to collect 4 Prayer Beads and head to the nearest Sculptor’s Idol. Once you get there press Square on your PS4 to enter the menu. Find the option to upgrade your vitality and posture, and use your Prayers Beads to upgrade your health and posture meters in the game.

Attack power

To improve your attacks you will need to collect Memories from bosses in the game, this is easier said than done but done you have slain your enemy. Collect the memory and find your way to the nearest Sculptor’s Idol. Enter the menu and locate the option to upgrade attack. Memories will help in improving your characters attacks and strengths.


Another thing you will need to keep a keen eye on are the skills in the game, each skill has a ton of purposes and most of it depends on your playing style and how you would like to construct your character as you move forward in the story. To unlock Skills you will need Skill Points which you can get by defeating enemies. You will need to fill up your XP bar in order to unlock a new skill. Visit any Sculptor’s Idol to view the Skill Tree and browse which Skill you would like to unlock.

Healing Gourd

Healing Gourds will be one of the items you will use the most in the game and you would like them to be upgraded to the max at the soonest, in order to do that you will need to find Gourd Seed in the game, you can find some after you defeat smaller bosses and even in strange places in the game too. Take these seeds to Emma in Dilapidated Temple. Hand over the seeds to her and she will increase the number of times you can use the Healing Gourd.

Shinobi Prosthetic

To use the Shinobi Prosthetics you will need to defeat the boss Gyoubu Oniwa. After that, you will be handed the Mechanical Barrel, which once installed on your Shinobi Prosthetic will unlock a huge upgrade tree for your tools. Collect the Mechanical Barrel and go to the Dilapidated Temple. Find the Sculptor and he will attach it to your arm giving you the ability to upgrade your Prosthetic Tools.

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