Sekiro Shadows Die Twice How To Beat Gyoubu Oniwa Guide

Gyoubu Oniwa the demon boss in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is one formidable boss and can be quite daunting when you see him charging at you with his horse. He can be quick and the horse aids in mobility but that does not mean that you can’t take him down easily. This guide will show you how to defeat Gyoubu Oniwa easily.

How to beat Gyoubu Oniwa

First of all, you will need these two things

1. Grappling Hook Attack
2. Shinobi Fire Cracker Prosthetic Tool

Before you decide to take on the demon boss Gyoubu Oniwa you should unlock these two things, you can unlock the skill Grappling Hook Attack in the Prosthetic Arts skill tree. This will be one of the most useful skill at your disposal as the uses can be multiple and one of the most often used skill.

Secondly, you will definitely need the Shinobi Fire Cracker Prosthetic Tool, for one it will scare the horse Gyoubu Oniwa rides into battle which gives you enough time to land a couple of blows.

Battling Gyoubu Oniwa

When you enter the battlefield with Gyoubu Oniwa, you will see him charging at you with his spear, all you need to do is block, deflect these attacks and as soon as he pulls away you will see the grappling hook prompt above him. Make the most of this ability and distract him by pulling yourself close. Also, make sure to use the Shinobi Fire Cracker Prosthetic Tool when you are close enough to the horse as it will distract the horse and distract Gyoubu Oniwa.

You will have to deal the Shinobi Death Blows twice and in the loot, you will get the Gyoubu Oniwa Memory and the Mechanical Barrel.

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