Sekiro Shadows Die Twice How to Get More Revives Guide

The ability to revive or resurrect yourself in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is something that will always be needed as the game will push you to your limits and like any other title from the developers From Software you will always frown when you die as you will lose out a lot of the items and XP that you have gained. There is a way to revive or resurrect yourself in the game, though it is not easily obtainable this guide will help you to collect Sakura Droplets which help you revive or resurrect yourself in the game.

How to collect Sakura Droplets

In Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice you will need to defeat the boss Lady Butterfly in the game, it is easier said than done though as taking her down will require a lot of dodging and perfect timing to move around as you will have to know the perfect time to attack, defeat or dodge.

You will need to fill the posture meter as fast as you can, this will allow you to deal a deathblow. Normally this would kill any smaller mercenary in the game but the bosses will require a couple of deathblows before you can take them down.

While doing this make sure you have an eye on your health bar and the posture bars, as the enemy bosses are incredibly strong with inflated stats and can bring you down with a couple of hits.

Make sure you read the surrounding area beforehand and are well equipped with everything that you will need.

When you finally kill her, collect the memory and the Sakura Droplet and continue with the game, after you reach and defeat the second boss, speak to Lord Kuro and offer to find him the things he needs. This is where you will show him the Sakura Droplet and a cutscene later you should have an extra revive with you.

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