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Armored Core 6: Save File Location & How To Backup

Worried about your AC6 save files getting corrupted and you will lose progress? Here is the location where you can find your save files.

You should know the save file location of Armored Core 6, especially if you play on PC. FromSoftware games are quite notorious for having their save files corrupted. While there haven’t been many reports of this problem for AC6, knowing about it should still be handy. These games are famous for their harder difficulty than most games. As such this losing progress or having to start over can be particularly annoying. Considering how much time you spent defeating the different bosses and progressing. Luckily you can back up your files to prevent this disaster to some extent. So here is the PC save file location for AC6.

Armored Core 6 Save File Location

How To Find AC6 Save Files On PC

You should typically find your AC6 save files at:

  • C:\Users\_your_username_here_\AppData\Roaming\ArmoredCore6\_string_of_your_steam_id_\

How to Backup & Restore AC6 Saves

To backup your Save files you have to get to them and copy them to another location:

  1. Press the Windows Key and type File Explorer.
  2. Go to C Drive and to Users.
  3. Here, go to your username and look for AppData. If it isn’t visible then you can see it by checking Hidden Items under View.
  4. Go to Roaming and ArmoredCore6.
  5. Copy this entire folder or go inside your steam id folder and copy these files to a different location like on another Drive or maybe on your Desktop. Try saving it in a new folder and rename it to how far you progressed to remember the relevant file e.g. Chapter 1 Mission 8.

To restore your save simply copy the latest backup from the new location to the actual Save file location given above.

Make sure you regularly back up your save files. After every session is usually recommended to have your latest progress. Also, you can disable Steam Cloud Save to prevent it from being replaced with another older save.

That’s it for the Armored Core 6 save file location on PC. If you are interested in more topics of this game then you should also check out our guides on how to use weapons bay, stagger enemies, and input share ID codes.