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Tower Of Fantasy: How To Get Salad Dressing

Looking to get Salad Dressing in Tower of Fantasy? Here's your guide for it.

Tower of Fantasy is an MMORPG set in the open world of Aida. In the quest for powerful energy called Omnium from the comet Mara, mankind built the Omnium Tower. However, the consequences of this action have been drastic. While exploring the world of Aida, weapons, gears, items, and resources will help you survive. Along with that, you will have to maintain health and satiety so you will need food. Whether it is raw or cooked, food is a great source of Satiety. This guide is about Salad Dressing and how to get it in Tower of Fantasy.

How to Get Salad Dressing in Tower of Fantasy

Tower of Fantasy Farm Salad Dressing

Since healing is an important part of any game, you need to eat food to heal yourself in TOF. As the name makes it clear, Salad Dressing is mainly used with salads in ToF. Before we go into how useful it can be for you, let’s see how to get Salad Dressing in Tower of Fantasy:

  • Although Salad Dressing can be bought from most Food Vendors, that is a common way to get many ingredients. While in Astra, you can head over to Mrs. Taylor and there is Harriet in Banges Docks as well.
  • To purchase 1 Salad Dressing, you will need 60 Gold Currency. Additionally, there is a daily cap of 99 Salad Dressings that you can purchase.
  • If you need more, you can head back to these vendors the next day.

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Now that we are past how to get Salad Dressing, let’s see how to use it in TOF. While consumed on its own, it will only add a Satiety of 1. But you can unlock recipes in which Salad Dressing can be useful. Here are some of them:

  • Lettuce Salad –
    • Lettuce x2
    • Salad Dressing x1
  • Balloon Fruit Salad –
    • Balloon Fruit x2
    • Thornmato x2
    • Salad Dressing x1
  • Simple Power Salad –
    • Broccoli x1
    • Thornmato x1
    • Lettuce x1
    • Poultry Egg x1
    • Salad Dressing x1
  • Fries –
  • Vegetable Salad –
    • Fallen Fruit x1
    • Thornmato x1
    • Lettuce x1
    • Salad Dressing x1

That’s all you need on how to get Salad Dressing in Tower of Fantasy. While you are here, make sure you check out more guides, tips, and tricks with Gamer Tweak.