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Tower Of Fantasy: Where To Get Hazelnuts (Location)

Check out this guide to know everything about the Hazelnuts in Tower of Fantasy.

Tower of Fantasy is an adventure open-world MMORPG game similar to Genshin Impact with millions of active players. There are multiple collectible items in the game that can be used to redeem specific rewards or regenerate health. Potatoes, Caviars, Strawberries, and Brown Rice are some of these collectibles used to regenerate health and satiety. Hazelnuts are one such item that can be used to regenerate satiety and health. However, finding it requires a bit of exploration of this game’s huge open-world map. If you are tired of searching for Hazelnuts, then this article might help you. Here’s our guide that features locations where you can get some Hazelnuts in Tower of Fantasy.

Where to Get Hazelnuts in Tower of Fantasy (Locations)

Where to get Hazelnuts in Tower of Fantasy

It is possible to make various dishes in the game by collecting ingredients and cooking them in a cooking station. Now Hazelnuts can be eaten raw to regenerate your health. But eating them after cooking gets you some additional benefits.

  • The Hazelnuts are scattered across the map of Aesperia.
  • They can be found around the Navia Omnium Tower in abundance. Specifically, towards the southern side of the tower.
  • Also, they are found in the area surrounding the Raincaller Island.
  • Moreover, the Seventh Fay Forest which is located in a bit center of the map hides some of the Hazelnuts near the water bodies.

What to do With Hazelnuts (Uses)

Cooking dishes requires recipes in this game. Some of them are already unlocked, while the rest of them needs to be unlocked by completing quests. Hazelnut is one of the ingredients to make Nut Tea. 1x Hazelnut, 2x Pinecone, and 2x Honey altogether make a Nut Tea. It regenerates Satiety by 20 points and restores the character’s health by 60,000 points and an additional 20%.

That’s everything you should know about the Hazelnuts in Tower of Fantasy. If you found this article helpful, then make sure to check out our other guide for finding Hermit Crabs.