All Starfield Ryujin Industries Job Application & Interview Answers

Find out all the correct Ryujin Industries Job Application and Interview answers in Starfield during the Back to the Grind mission for joining this faction.

If you want all the Ryujin Industries Job application and Interview answers in Starfield, it’s alright as it is crucial and the first mission to join this Faction. Being a megacorporation, landing a job at Ryujin Industries might feel like a challenging task. Considering it’s a recruitment process, you must pass the Job application to get selected for an interview at the company. As you might want to join all the factions, getting this corporate job role is the easiest out of all. So, here are all the correct Ryujin interview and job application answers in this game.

All Ryujin Industries Job Application Answers in Starfield

starfield ryujin industries job application interview answers
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You can submit the Ryujin Industries Job application in Starfield using any kiosk of the company across Neon City. As you do so, you will trigger the Back to the Grind mission within the Ryujin Industries questline. Fortunately, you will be selected for the interview despite choosing any answers for the Job application.

So, here are all the questions asked during the Job Application to answer:

  • How many years of experience do you have working in a secretarial position or corporate environment?
  • How familiar are you with Ryujin Industries and its product lines?
  • What is your proficiency with computers in regard to typing and file management?
  • What level of education have you completed?
  • Do you have a history of criminal activity?

Surprisingly, you will be called for an interview even if you answer “Yes” about your criminal activities. After applying, head to the Operations floor at Ryujin Tower to meet Imogene Salzo for an interview.

All Ryujin Industries Interview Answers

starfield ryujin industries job application interview answers

Luckily, choosing all the answers during the Ryujin Industries Interview in Starfield is correct. You can answer these questions like an eager corporate slave or a complete slacker with no vision. You will be hired by the Ryujin Industries faction no matter what answer options you choose. Similar to the job application, there are no right or wrong answers. Once you reach the company, sit on the chair to start with your interview and questline.

Here are all the questions asked by Imogene Salzo during the interview to answer:

  • Why do you want to work for Ryujin Industries?
  • Why do you consider yourself qualified for a job like this?
  • How motivated are you to succeed?
  • If you worked here for five years, what role would you see yourself in?

We recommend Save Scumming and trying out all responses as every answer will land you this job. You can either act unprofessional or be fully dedicated to the job depending on your desired playthrough. So, we leave the rest of the decision to you.

That’s everything covered about all the Ryujin Industries Job Application and Interview answers in Starfield. If you found this guide helpful, check out our guides to find out what happens when you steal the ship, how to get Infinite Credits, and explore more Starfield Guides right here on Gamer Tweak.