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Palia: How To Run Faster

Here is how you can run faster across the map and explore places quickly in Palia.

Wondering how to make your character run faster so that you can explore the area and loot items at a much quicker rate in Palia? There are many areas, structures, and even zones left for players as they explore the world around them. And while strolling around initially may give you time to take it all in. As the game progresses and when you come across different activities like gardening, mining, fishing, etc time becomes crucial. And as the map is big, sprinting will help you reach everywhere at a quick pace. So if you are just exploring the areas or forgot to water your crops and want to sprint back to your house, here is a guide on how you can run faster.

How to Sprint in Palia

how to sprint in palia

To run faster, players can hold on to the SHIFT key on their keyboard while playing Palia. This will help you sprint around the map and reach your destination quickly in the game. Players can change their sprint settings to “Toggle to Sprint” in the gameplay settings to make things easy. The setting will help your character run faster on just one press while you can toggle it off by pressing shift again. There is no stamina depleted for running around in the game, so you can run around as much as you want. However, stamina does come into effect while climbing cliffs or walls in the game.

While your character would not necessarily burn out while running faster, sometimes it won’t be very ideal to sprint across in Palia. For situations like these, you can use the Fast Travel mechanic to travel around the huge map of the game. Players can use the fast travel with the help of the Stables system which will cost Gold. Each destination will have its specific amount, although most of the time it’s affordable. Players looking to get back home can simply use the Return Home option from their map to do so. It is worth keeping in mind that there is a cooldown before you use it again in Palia.

That’s everything covered on how to run faster in Palia. We recommend you to check out our dedicated Palia section for interesting guides like how to change outfits, where to find iron ore & how to get more storage in the game.