Palia: How To Change Clothes & Get New Outfits

Here is how you can change new clothes and get new outfits in Palia.

Want to change clothes in Palia? If you are playing this life-simulator game with your friends, you will most likely want to show off your fashion sense. While completing quests is no doubt necessary, flaunting your new clothes is another level of fun. With a huge collection of different outfits, you can be spoiled for choice. Our guide will show you how to change outfits and get new clothes in Palia.

How to Change Clothes in Palia

change new clothes palia

You can change clothes in Palia during the Character Creation screen or from the Wardrobe in your house. Initially, during the character creation process, players will get a wide range of outfits with different colors to choose from. Later on, you can also build a Wardrobe in your house. Interact with it any time to change your outfits free of cost.

How to Get New Outfits in Palia

You can get new outfits in Palia from the Tailor located in the center of the town. Just interact with the cash register and the outfit shop will appear on your screen. You will now be able to go through all the outfits that are on sale. However, they can be bought only with real-life money. There is no in-game currency as such.

So, apart from the above method, there is no other way to get new outfits in the game. If you are planning to buy new clothes for your character, then keep in mind that you will have to shell out some real-life money.

That is everything you need to know on how to change clothes in Palia. We hope that you have also learned how to buy new outfits. If you are running short on Gold, then check out how to make money fast. You can also enjoy a multiplayer game by playing with your friends in Palia.