Rumor: Insomniac Leak Files May Have A Spider-Man 3 Build

Many data sleuths are digging into the files from the Insomniac hack.

The Insomniac leak has been huge – with story spoilers, roadmaps, gameplay footage, and sensitive information being shared to the internet by the ransomware group Rhysida. More than 1.6TB of data was revealed, containing upwards of 1.3 million files, and now, rumors are swirling that a Spider-Man 3 build was a part of the leak, noticed by those who are digging into the files.

Rumors of the build’s existence started growing after Twitter user @McMistrzYT shared a screenshot claiming that they had discovered relevant files. In the tweet, they tagged @PC_Focus_ who also has another tweet mentioning that there could be .exe versions of Spider-Man 3 and Venom alongside Spider-Man 2 PC.

u/zVISCERAL on Reddit seems to have already gone through the files and said that there’s nothing in there, just “Spider-Man 2 leftovers” as shared in this screenshot with file names. They comment, “There are no Venom Gamefiles. i32 is not Venom. Venom got likely pushed back and probably hasn’t even started.”

Insomniac has not addressed these hacks yet, but Sony has shared that this whole situation is being investigated.

spider man 3 build files insomniac leak rumor
Source: Insomniac

It’s crucial to avoid downloading or installing any unreleased game files because they may not be safe to download and if accessed, may lead to legal repercussions. Some people who have downloaded the Wolverine PC build are receiving DMCA notices.

Spider-Man 3 as a PS5 exclusive has not yet been officially announced, but as per the information from the Insomniac leak, it was scheduled for a 2028 release. Currently, the team may be working on the 3 free DLCs for Spider-Man 2 that are rumored. Plans for DLCs are understandable because the game has been a record-breaking success for PlayStation. After all, it’s already sold more than 6.1 million copies.

Not much is known about the next Spider-Man game after this, but theories point towards a new symbiote suit that potentially transitions to a Venom storyline, expanded web-slinging mechanics, and a bigger roster of villains who will challenge Spidey next. It could be possible that the devs have just started prep work for Spider-Man 3 and are currently at the stage of using SM2 assets and testing new mechanics or maps.

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