Spider-Man 2 PS5 May Get 3 Free DLCs Post-Launch

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2’s DLC plans have been leaked.

As part of the massive Insomniac data breach, details have emerged about the Studio’s plans regarding Marvel’s Spider-Man 2’s DLC content.

It appears that 3 free DLCs are going to be released post-launch (info via Resetera). They’re tentatively named Beetle Infestation, Extreme Carnage, and Spider-Verse Anomaly. The first two will reportedly have an open-world mission and a boss fight while the last DLC may have Spider-Verse NPCs, Villains, a mission, and a visual filter.

marvels spider man 2 has plans for 3 dlcs as per insomniac leak
Source: Insomniac

It’s unclear whether these DLCs are already in development at the moment. As per the Reddit post by u/-LastGrail-, these DLCs are mentioned under the folders of ToA Project and ToA – Post Launch i30.

Most recently, God of War Ragnarok players were given a surprise with a free DLC called God of War Ragnarok Valhalla and it’s getting positive reviews across the board. Players are shocked that content like this is free (for those who own the base game) because there’s lots to unlock and explore. A Redditor mentions “They could’ve charged $20-30 for this and it would’ve been a fair price I think.” Thankfully, Sony/PlayStation’s focus on quality ensures that the DLC never feels “free” or half-baked.

This might be a new marketing style that Sony is trying, to engage existing players and bring in new consumers, boosting their already record-breaking sales, as it is in the case of Spider-Man 2. A resurgence of players will also appease investors and shareholders because the ‘active player count’ number holds great value.

A free DLC (or three!) will breathe new life into a single-player experience, and if that’s truly the case for Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, then they are on the right track. Many on Reddit are also discussing if a paid DLC would be a more profitable option compared to a free one, and you can check the comments on this thread.

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