PSA: Don’t Play The Wolverine PC Build Leaked in Insomniac Hack

Wolverine game’s PC build was leaked in the Insomniac hack and a cracked version is being shared on the internet.

The Insomniac internal data hack caused by a ransomware group named Rhysida was massive and has brought out more than 1.6TB of data on the internet. Apart from story spoilers, combat gameplay, and employee information, part of the more than 1.3 million files shared was a build of Marvel’s Wolverine that can be run on PC and PS5 devkits.

While the leaked files contained in-development footage of Insomniac’s next big Marvel release, the PC build that is playable has been circulating online and it has reportedly been cracked to work without crashing.

marvels wolverine pc build playable leaked
Source: Insomniac

It’s crucial to avoid downloading or installing the build because, at the end of the day, it’s leaked by a ransomware group, so it’s not safe to download.

As mentioned by @videotechuk, “People absolutely must not play it. It tries to call home, aka connect to their dev servers, and logs everything. Your IP and everything.”

You never know what other hidden files or malware you might be downloading alongside it. Additionally, spoiling the story and gameplay before Insomniac is ready with its official release will gravely impact your player experience as well as the team’s effort. There could also be legal risks attached.

Update: People are getting DMCA notices.

Marvel’s Wolverine PS5 release date was planned for 2026, and the work is still in progress. At the moment, it is unclear how this leak will affect the development timeline of the game.

However, the PC build doesn’t mean that the game is releasing on PC at launch – it’s going to be a PS5 exclusive, similar to Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, primarily due to Sony’s acquisition of Insomniac in 2019. It’s not known when the game will roar its way to PC.

As a leak, it was huge. But this wasn’t just a game leak – it was much more than that. With employees’ personal details being leaked alongside future plans of the Studio, this goes to malicious levels, gravely affecting the privacy of people.

The industry has sent its support to Insomniac after this unfortunate breach. Remedy Entertainment (developers of Alan Wake 2) have sent their sympathies to Insomniac Games and all the affected team members.

Cyber Daily reached out to Rhysida and they actually responded. Insomniac has not addressed this publicly at the time of writing, but Sony has mentioned that this matter is being investigated.

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