How To Revive With Dog In Remnant 2

Check out this guide to know how you can revive yourself or your allies in Remnant 2 with the help of your handler dog.

Wondering how to revive yourself or your teammates with the help of your Handler dog in Remnant 2? The Handler with its canine is one of the all-around archetypes players will come across in the game. The reliable dog companion plays all kinds of roles from dealing damage to teamwork in-game. With its prime perk, Bonded, players can revive themselves or their allies passively in Remnant 2. These perks alone allow players to have strong support while playing solo. So if you are wondering how to use this unique perk and support yourself while playing solo or with your allies, check out this guide further.

How to Revive with Dog in Remnant 2

bonded prime perk remnant 2

As mentioned earlier, players can revive themselves or their teammates when they are down with the help of the dog’s prime perk Bonded in Remnant 2. The perk is automatically unlocked from the start of your campaign as a Handler in the game. However, for the dog to use the perk players will have to meet certain requirements in the game:

  • Players or their allies must have a maximum of 50% HP remaining at their disposal.
  • To use the Bonded Perk, players will also need a Dragon Heart in the game.
  • Your canine must be alive when you are downed to use the perk in Remnant 2.

Once you meet these requirements, your dog will be able to revive you in Remnant 2 directly. However, players can use commands to revive their allies in the game. And it is worth keeping in mind that the teammate who is being revived will need a Dragon Heart in their inventory. Although, you won’t be able to use the perk in its cooldown. With Bonded, the utility perk Teamwork allows you to gain additional advantages such as a 30% increase in revival speed and 25% less damage taken by the player and their dog during the period. The charge will also help you restore your companion’s health in Remnant 2.

That’s everything covered on how to Revive with Dog in Remnant 2. Check out our guide on how to get old whistle so you can unlock Handler if you didn’t choose it as your base class, and for more interesting guides like these look out for our dedicated Remnant 2 section, right here on Gamer Tweak.