Returnal: How to Open Red Locked Doors?

Here's how to unlock Red locked doors in Returnal.

The disadvantage of dying and resurrecting in Returnal is that you sacrifice all of your items, assets, and weapons. However, by accessing the automatic doors and clearing the challenges as well as gathering the resources, you can restart the cycle and try again. Just a few doors, such as Red Doors, demand a special resource to unlock. This can be too cumbersome for some players who don’t know how to unlock them. So here’s how to open locked Red Doors in Returnal.

How to Open Locked Red Doors in Returnal?

To open the red locked doors will you require a Malignant or an Atropian Key to unlock these doors to the main boss in the biome area. Exploring each region until you find the key to the red door is important. Exploration can also provide you with the weapons and enhancements you need for the main boss fight.

How to Open Locked Red Doors in Returnal

There are several Red Doors, each of which conceals valuables that can be accessed with an appropriate number of Keys. When you communicate with the red door and enter it, you should be ready with upgraded weapons and gears. And after your rebirth, these Red Doors do not need another Key to unlock.

Fortunately, most arenas have a weapon to pick up right before they enter, and most of them have a clear barrier requirement gear to make it easy for you. If you don’t want to initiate the boss battle, don’t go beyond the weapon. When going through red doors, it’s always best to be ready for a boss battle, but you can always return to other areas in a biome before taking on a boss. Every Returnal boss has an arena associated with their biome, and fights begin just after you reach it.

That’s all you need to know about how to unlock Red locked doors in Returnal. If you need some more tips and tricks to do well in this engaging but challenging game, check out our Returnal guides. Here’s our Survival guide as well as how to healhow to farm Ether and more.