Starfield: How To Repair Ship During Combat

Here's the guide to help you fix and repair your spaceship during an ongoing battle in Starfield.

In Starfield, to repair ship is one of the important aspects of space combat. Be it one vs. one dog fight or clashing with pirates, war is inevitable. The sooner you repair the ship, the more chances of surviving it have from more damage, malfunctions, or complete destruction. That being said, this guide will walk you through the process through which you can repair your ship in the middle of a space combat in Starfield.

How to Repair Ship During Combat in Starfield

Repair Ship During Combat in Starfield

There are two different ways by which you can repair ship during combat in Starfield, either by visiting a technician or using spare parts.

  • The first method is to travel to any one of the major cities in the Starfield universe and look for a Ship Services Technician and get it fixed by spending approximately 1000 credits. Now, this won’t help you while already engaged in combat.
  • The second method is what can help you when you are in the middle of ongoing action. This is the quicker way to repair ship right on the spot, all you need is spare parts in your inventory.
    • Firstly, keep an eye on your ship’s damage. If your ship’s hull is damaged, use the ship part to repair it by pressing O on your keyboard for PC or RS on your Xbox controller.

Also, it is worth mentioning that if you own at least one ship part only then you can repair it, and ship parts will be sourced directly from your ship’s inventory. Hence, even though it is a cost-effective option, you do need to have a sufficient supply of ship spare parts.

Pro tip:- Try spending more in modification for your spaceship that gets you a more powerful shield and defense. Further, if you are prioritizing defense, make sure to allot more power to the ships’ shield. Moreover, since the shield began to regenerate if not being attacked upon. You can move away from your enemy’s range to heal the shield and re-engage again.

How to Find Ship Parts in Starfield?

Buy spare ship repair parts in starfield

Now in order to repair ship you need to have a stock of spare parts in your inventory.  There are a few methods by which you can acquire ship parts in Starfield.

  • Looting and salvaging parts from destroyed enemy ships.
  • Rescuing friendly ships from distress can let you choose ship spare parts as a reward.
  • Purchasing from Ship Vendors and Service Technicians located across the Starfield universe.

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Furthermore, If you are in the middle of a brutal space war, surrounded by enemies, and finding it difficult to repair your spaceship, it’s better to escape from the combat for the time being and return after repair.

And that’s everything you need to know on how to repair ship during combat in Starfield. If you found this guide helpful, check out other such articles like how to build and customize a spaceship, or find here the best ship tier list. Moreover, you can take a look at our Starfield dedication section for such help guides, tips, etc.

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