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How To Win Ship Battles In Starfield

Do you know how space and ship battles work in Starfield? We'll explain everything you need to know about combat.

Mastering ship combat is an essential skill for any explorer in Starfield. Whether charting new systems or defending valuable cargo from pirates, you’ll inevitably find yourself in battles against hostile vessels. You’ll notice an enemy ship identification readout, crucial shield, health bars, and more when approaching. We’ll explain how to win ship battles in Starfield.

How do Space and Ship Battles Work in Starfield?

How To Win Ship Battles In Starfield

  • Firstly, scan for hostile ships using your ship’s sensors. Once detected, move your ship close enough so the enemy ship appears inside the targeting circle in the center of your HUD.
  • As you get closer, a targeting bar will begin to fill up.
  • Make sure to maneuver your ship to keep the enemy inside the circle until the bar is full – this will lock onto your target. Locking on provides important benefits.
  • Your ship has up to three weapon systems that can be fired automatically or manually. Make sure to utilize all of your weapons’ firepower by firing them simultaneously against the target.
  • Each enemy ship has an energy shield and health bar. Focus fire on taking down the shield first before damaging the actual hull. Shields will slowly recharge if not under constant fire.
  • As you develop your targeting skills, you can zoom in on locked targets for a more precise shot. Aiming for engines or weapons can disable enemies without destroying them, allowing opportunities for boarding and higher rewards. By following all of these steps, you can win ship battles in Starfield.

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How to Board Enemy Ships

You’ll need to disable the enemy ship’s engines to prevent it from escaping. Use your Target Lock skill to aim directly at the engines and fire away with your EM weapon.

You’ll be prompted to dock when you get close enough to the enemy ship. This will allow you to board the spacecraft and attach you to it. Once inside the hostile ship, you must eliminate the crew. You’ll have a couple of alternatives once you’ve cleared the ship. You can either keep control of the ship or abandon it as a floating wreck and return to your ship.

That’s all you need to know about winning ship battles in Starfield. Moreover, you can go through the Starfield section on Gamer Tweak to find more helpful tips and guides on this game.