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How To Refuel During Bush Trips In Microsoft Flight Simulator

Want to know how to refuel during Bush missions in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020? This guide will show you a trick that will help you.

Apart from flying your plane over different parts of the world and exploring the beautiful sights, you can also complete challenges in this game. Bush trips are such challenges where you can run out of fuel and other options won’t be available. So, what’s the solution for this? How to refuel during Bush trips in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020? Find out the answer here.

Microsoft Flight Simulator: How to Refuel During Bush Trips?

Here is the answer you are looking for. What you need to look for is Repair and Refuel. This can be found in the Main Menu > Options > Controls. If you notice, this option is not bound to any button. All you have to do now is simply bind it to any button that you’re not using on the keyboard or controller. With this, you can use the button to fill up the tank and hence, refuel during Bush Trips in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020. You can do this anywhere and anytime, it will work. Although it takes away some realism from the game, it is better to do this than to get stuck due to no fuel.

When you use this button, you don’t have to worry about running out of fuel mid-challenge at all. Instead of waiting for fuel trucks to spawn, this trick will save a lot of time. Especially for those who are new to Flight Sims, this can be a lifesaver.

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