Rainbow Six Extraction: How To Capture Elite Target

Here's how to capture the Elite target specimen in R6 Extraction.

In R6 Extraction, you face deadly parasitic enemies that need to be carefully and strategically taken out. You need to use your weapons, gadgets, and team communication skills to ensure that every operator survives. One of the missions you get is to capture an Elite Target in Rainbow Six Extraction. If it’s not clear how to go about it, don’t worry, here’s a guide that will show you the steps.

How to Capture Elite Target in Rainbow Six Extraction?

To capture the target Archaean, you need to lure it into a high-tech trap. Even though you might feel like pulling the trigger on it, the goal here is to catch it alive.

  • Make sure to get all the other enemies out of the way first before engaging the Elite target. By doing this, the Operators won’t get overwhelmed and can complete the task easily.
  • Communication is of utmost importance in this case, so once you get the go-ahead from others, locate and head towards the target specimen to make it follow you.
  • Again, don’t shoot. Run towards the trap area and the target will do the same.
  • The trap is indicated by triangles on the floor with yellow borders.
  • Don’t forget to quickly trigger the trap by using the keypad next to the area.
  • If the target is standing on top of the triangles, yellow fumes will shoot up from the ground and the enemy will fall to the ground.

how to lure capture elite target specimen r6 extraction

This is how to complete the specimen capture objective in Rainbow Six Extraction. Now that you’ve got this figured out, we’ve got some guides for you that can assist you while playing the game. Here’s how to play R6 Extraction in solo mode, how to check server status, fix server connection errorinvite friends and heal operators. And for everything else, head over to our guides section or explore more on Gamer Tweak!