All React Gadgets In Rainbow Six Extraction

Read this guide to learn all about the React Gadgets in Rainbow Six Extraction.

With Rainbow Six Extraction just around the corner, players are excited to learn more about the game, including React Gadgets. For those who do not know, React Gadgets are unique and helpful utility items that offer different types of abilities and options to players who want to complete missions. Since the game still isn’t out yet, information about these gadgets is quite scarce. However, we have managed to find as much as there is to know about them currently, and we have compiled all of these unique gadgets into a list just for you. Here, we will show the revealed gadgets out of the 25 that will make their way into the game.

Rainbow Six Extraction React Gadgets – All Gadgets in the Game


Field Wall React Gadget in Rainbow Six Extraction

The Field Wall is a unique React Gadget that implements a huge force field wall when thrown. This wall then protects you from parasite projectiles.

Recon Drone React Gadget in Rainbow Six Extraction

Just like most drones, you can use this gadget to gather intelligence on the sly without anybody knowing. Additionally, you can also use camera mode to scan various objectives.

Glue Grenade React Gadget in Rainbow Six Extraction

As the name probably suggests, you can use the Glue Grenade React Gadget in Rainbow Six Extraction to reduce the speed of Archeans. You can do so by causing the grenade to explode in the vicinity of the target Archeans.

Stun Grenade

Another really simple React Gadget. This one stuns Archeans when you cause it to explode in their vicinity.

Arc Mine

The Arc Mine is a gadget that can wipe out several enemies at one time. It is a unique variant of a claymore.

Scan Mine

The Scan Mine React Gadget helps offer several different points of view, unlike Maestro’s camera which can only offer one POV.

Revive Kit

As the name suggests, you can use the Revive Kit to revive yourself upon getting knocked out to DBNO. You can revive yourself only once.

Ammo Satchel

With this React Gadget, you will receive upto 50% more ammunition with each spawn.

React Light

The React Light helps you detect Archeans even through walls by activating their bioluminescence.

Body Armor

Using the Body Armor React Gadget will help reduce any incoming damage by upto 20%.

So there you have it. These are all of the React Gadgets we know about so far in Rainbow Six Extraction. We will update this guide as soon as we get any new gadgets. Until then, how about you take a look at our Video Game Guides.