How To Check Rainbow Six Extraction Server Status?

Read this guide to learn how to check server status for Rainbow Six Extraction.

Since Rainbow Six Extraction is an online game, it is important to constantly know its server status. The game’s online capabilities mean that there can be instances where the servers are down. During such times, knowing the status of the servers can prove to be quite helpful. This way, you can know if the issues only apply to you or to everyone in general. However, for a lot of players, knowing about their server status can be quite tricky. To help solve this issue, we have written just the guide for you. Here, we will show you all the different ways you can check the status of your Rainbow Six Extraction servers.

How To Check Rainbow Six Extraction Server Status?


Ubisoft Twitter Handle – Check Rainbow Six Extraction Server Status

One of the easiest and quickest ways to learn about server status is by visiting the official Ubisoft Twitter page. Here, you will receive the latest official developments and news about Rainbow Six Extraction. This also includes server status. You will be able to hear about any issues with servers directly from the developers themselves. Ubisoft constantly notifies players about server maintenance, so this is a great place to be informed about such occasions and developments.


Popular and reliable server website DownDetector has a dedicated page just for Rainbow Six Extraction. Here, you will be able to spot the latest issues with servers as well as get information about where they are occurring. Players of the game from across the world can report their server outages on the website. This data makes it quite helpful for players (especially the newer ones) who might not understand what’s wrong with their servers.

So there you have it. These are the ways you can check the server status of Rainbow Six Extraction. As you can see, since the game is still quite new, there have been no reports of outages yet. However, if such an instance does occur, this guide will have you covered.

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