Fix Rainbow Six Extraction Server Connection Error

Here are the troubleshooting tips and fixes for the Rainbow Six (R6) Extraction Server Connection Error with error code BRAVO-00000206.

Troubled by the Rainbow Six Extraction server connection error with error code BRAVO 00000206 or JULIETT 00000143 on PC? Here’s what you need to know about the fix. This is when you will get the message that the Rainbow Six Extraction servers are unreachable and that the game requires an online connection. Here’s more info about it and everything you can do.

How to Fix Rainbow Six Extraction Server Connection Error?

rainbow six extraction error code bravo 00000206

Those who are facing the Rainbow Six Extraction error code BRAVO-00000206 & JULIETT 00000143, can do the following:

Check Rainbow Six Extraction server status

First, check if Rainbow Six Extraction servers are down. This could be the reason why you are not able to connect to the servers. If that’s the case, wait until Ubisoft resolves the issues and you can jump into the game again.

Check your online connection

If your internet connection is spotty, it can cause issues while trying to access this online game. If there are any downloads happening in the background, stop them and try again. Use a wired connection for the best results. Contact your internet service provider for more help, if required.

Reset your Network Hardware

Do a power cycle on your router to flush out any hardware issues.

Update your Windows

When you update your Windows, network drivers will also get updated which will help you connect to the network.

Restart your PC

This may or may not work, but it’s worth a try every single time you face connection issues or lag/black screen. Shut down your PC, wait for a while and restart again to see if you are getting the same problem again.

Perform a Clean Boot of Windows

To find out if there are any software conflicts, you can do a clean boot of Windows. This is recommended by Ubisoft and here’s how to do the clean boot.

Perform a Trace Route and Ping Test

To identify connectivity issues, you can do a trace route and a ping test. This will help you understand if the issues are from your end or from the server-side.

These are all the steps you can do to figure out the cause of the problem and also potentially fix the Rainbow Six Extraction Server Connection Error (Code BRAVO-00000206 or JULIETT 00000143). If none of this works out, you can contact Ubisoft support and they will help you.

But if you are all set and manage to get the game up and running, be sure to check out our R6 Extraction guides on Gamer Tweak to know some tips and tricks.