Rainbow Six Extraction – How To Play In Solo Mode (Single Player)

Learn how to play Rainbow Six Extraction in Single Player or Solo Mode from this guide.

Rainbow Six Extraction is here and it has brought changes to what a Rainbow Six game usually is. It has strayed away from its predecessors from being a competitive multiplayer shooter to a co-operative multiplayer PvE shooter. In Rainbow Six Extraction, you play in a team of 3 and execute rescue missions to save other people or Operators from the grotesque Alien Invaders, the Archaeans. But can you play Rainbow Six Extraction Solo? Is there an option to play it in Single Player? In today’s guide, I will be answering these questions by showing you how to play Rainbow Six Extraction in Solo Mode or Single Player.

How to Play Solo Mode (Single Player) in Rainbow Six Extraction?

solo mode single player in rainbow six extraction

Rainbow Six Extraction is a team game and ideally should be played as such. You get more benefits and coverage from each other as compared to when you play as a Single Player (Solo) in Rainbow Six Extraction. Nevertheless, if you still want to play Solo due to some reason, probably want to play casually or avoid bad randoms, you can do so. Although this process is kind of convoluted. Here is what you will have to do.

  • Startup and log in to Rainbow Six Extraction.
  • Once you are on the Main Menu, click on Play.
  • From there choose one of the 4 Campaign options.
  • After choosing one, do not click on Quick Play.
  • Scroll down for a bit and choose Squad Deployment.
  • From there select one of the Hot Zones where you want to deploy.
  • After that, you will get into a match and if no one was in your Squad, you will be there as a Solo player.

And that’s how you can play Rainbow Six Extraction in Single Player (Solo Mode). Make sure that you haven’t added anyone to your Squad and you have followed these steps. Otherwise, you will get matched up with other players. This was all about playing Rainbow Six Extraction in Solo Mode (Single Player). Hopefully, this guide has helped you. You can also check out our guides like Rainbow Six Extraction Crashing On Startup On PC Fix.