What Characters Are In Rainbow Friends?

Rainbow Friends brings names like Poppy Playtime and FNAF to Roblox and this wiki covers all there is on the game.

Roblox Rainbow Friends is turning out to be one of the best horror games as it takes inspiration from names like Poppy Playtime and FNaF. If you are a fan of horror games, you will certainly want to give a try to the Roblox twist and graphics that the game offers. While playing the game, we found the jumpscares and the characters to be much better than you would expect. So if you are interested in giving this game a go, our wiki will get you prepared for the horrors you will face.

What is Rainbow Friends?

All Rainbow Friends Characters

Rainbow Friends is one of the latest horror experiences on Roblox where you play as a child who is kidnapped during a school trip to an amusement park called Odd World. From here on out, players need to survive five nights at this location where the only other life apart from them are the Rainbow Friends. As mentioned, the game takes inspiration from the Poppy Playtime series. The maps will be filled with Jumpscares as various characters are out to get you while you look for the way out.

All Rainbow Friends Characters

Here are the monsters that you are going to face in your five-day horror stay at Odd World:

  • Blue Friends – They are one of the toughest monsters and the only way to escape them is by hiding in a box or a locker and let them pass.
  • Orange Friends – If you encounter an Orange Friend, you will have to feed them to make sure they don’t come out. Do note that feeding them more than once will be troublesome.
  • Green Friends – While green does patrol the areas regularly, they can be avoided pretty easily since they are blind. The key is to make little to no noise in Rainbow Friends.
  • Purple FriendsPurple are usually found when you are going through vents. So if you find a small pool of water near the vents, it’s best that you avoid these places.
  • Red Friends – Red is the least harmful of the lot and you encounter him towards the end of the fifth night. So if they are any bit dangerous, Chapter 2 will answer that for us.

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Rainbow Friends Secret Character

There are a couple of secret characters that players are likely to encounter in Chapter 2. One of them is the Yellow Friend, a human-sized yellow duck and the other is the Pink Friend, an alien like monster. We are yet to find out more about them so check out this guide soon as we will update it with more information soon.

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